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UVic Guide to Convocation

Convocation (graduation, if you don’t know what that means) is confusing and stressful, but a relief once you’re done. A lot of students have no idea what they are doing on the day of, so here is the easiest way to get through the day.



1. Apply to graduate.

It’s really easy. There are directions online.

2. Confirm your date of convo ceremony- there are only two ceremonies each year! June and November. Also, confirm your address so your complimentary tickets get sent to the right place.

3. Give your fave family members their complimentary tickets.

 You only get FOUR complimentary tickets- so pick your favourite family members (You can get extra tickets by having anyone in your party line up at the ticket centre prior to the ceremony- each person in line can have up to two tickets). Ceremonies are also broadcasted online and in the lobby of the university center!



1. Find your regalia.

 Hint: they are in the Senate Chambers in the University Centre A wing.

2. Take photos in the regalia. You know your mom is going to want some pictures. 

3. Realize that unless all your friends are doing the exact same degree, you will likely not see them at convocation — then get upset about this realization.

4. Plan your day, because the actual ceremony is only 90 minutes (on average).

5. High heels are dangerous. Avoid them.

6. Plan your outfit. With the regalia on you can only see your collar, legs and feet. The colour of your hood signifies what degree you are receiving. It’s a good idea to match/coordinate your hood. (i.e. if you’re getting a BA your hood is red so maybe avoid green shoes so you don’t strut around in Christmas colours.

7. Unless that’s the look you are going for. You do you.

8. Show up! It’s as if you’ve made some sort of achievement or milestone.

9. Walk across the stage, smile, shake hands, DON’T TRIP and stay calm.



1. Look at all the grad swag you likely won’t need but your parents will probably buy because they love you. Diploma frames, graduation rings, teddy bears and hoodies.

2. Celebrate! All this time, money and effort was worth it. 

3. Constantly bathe in your achievements because honestly, you earned it.

4. Become an Alumni. You don’t have to do anything to make it to this step, but keep in touch because UVic still wants to give you resources, swag and other benefits even after graduation. Finally, you’re all done.


Alright. That should have helped you navigate your convocation at UVic. As someone who works at convocation every year, everyone at convocation is there to help you. I promise. So if you have questions just ask. Because we see you walking around looking confused… we will likely approach you regardless.


Happy Convocation Grads! Congratulations!

This article was compiled by the Her Campus at UVic team or published anonymously by one of our writers or a UVic student. If you'd like to submit an article you can contact us at [email protected]
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