UVic Clubs for Upper-Years

On September 12th and 13th, UVic had Clubs Day in the SUB. All UVic clubs had the opportunity to table and recruit new members. This event is organized primarily for first years, as they are the students most likely to be unaware of the wide range of clubs that UVic has to offer. But what about the upper-year students who have suddenly realized that their chances to participate in UVic clubs are rapidly disappearing? Is anyone looking to recruit them? And what clubs are worth joining later in your degree, anyway? Isn’t everyone past second year too busy to commit to a club with weekly meetings?

Never fear! Here is a list of five clubs on campus that are suitable for the more mature UVic student.

1. Community Cabbage

Community Cabbage’s mandate includes increasing access to healthy food, decreasing food waste, and encouraging UVic students to learn to cook. Community Cabbage aims to draw attention to how much food is thrown out in the world, in Canada, and on campus by dumpster diving and cooking free meals for students using that perfectly good food. That might sound gross at first, but it’s truly stunning how much edible food goes into the trash. You can join Community Cabbage at Emmanuel Baptist Church (five minutes from campus) every Thursday for a cooking workshop/party from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. To try their free meals, find them serving up grub outside the SUB every Friday at noon. Bring your own reusable bowl and utensils! Visit their website for more information about food waste.

2. Course Unions

Nearly every department has a course union you can join to help you connect with people with the same major. Some unions produce publications, such as the writing union’s literary journal This Side of West or the history union’s academic journal The Corvette. Some unions host social events throughout the year, like the General Assembly of Students in Earth and Ocean Sciences’ (GASEOS) pub crawls. Google around, ask the department, or ask your friends to find out what course unions are available for you to participate in.

3. Circle Kiwanis International

So we’d all like to do volunteering, but that can be difficult when you’re trying to wrap up your degree, work a part-time job, figure out what you want to do after graduation, and have a social life. The solution? Circle Kiwanis International, also known as Circle K! UVic Circle K is UVic’s chapter of the largest collegiate community service organization in the world. Circle K prides itself on being low commitment. They organize volunteer events like beach clean-ups and soap making nights and have bi-monthly meetings, but they totally understand if you can’t come every time. To learn more about Circle K, check out their Facebook page.

4. Art Hive

Are assignments and studying already stressing you out? Do you sometimes feel the urge to revert back to a five-year-old and fingerpaint the anxiety away? You might feel at home at the Art Hive. The Art Hive serves as a campus resource for students who need to unwind, focus their nervous energy on something besides school work, and do something creative. There is no obligation to attend regularly. Come by MacLaurin A195 between 3 and 7 p.m. on Wednesdays to get your art on. Visit the UVic Art Hive’s Facebook page here.

5. Meditation Club

Another resource for relaxation is the meditation club. The club hosts many events at the Interfaith Chapel, such as potlucks and, of course, meditation sessions. According to UVic’s website, the beginners’ session in which you can learn to meditate are from 4:30 to 5:15 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. They have many more spiritual and community-focused events, though, so if you’re interested in making friends and getting in touch with your spirituality, check out their Facebook page.


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