The Ultimate Guide to Spending Valentine's Day Alone

Valentine’s Day is finally here, and love is in the air—or is that pollution? V-Day is not the same for all the single people out there, including me. We don’t get the candlelit dinners or the romantic nights in. No, we single people have to spend the day watching couples enjoy themselves and remembering every five minutes that no one has ever gotten us flowers and a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day, which we would obviously deny wanting. But it doesn’t have to be so bad: just follow my guide, and a fun single Valentine’s Day could be yours.


1. You need to treat yourself

Go eat your favourite meal, get a fancy coffee, or just watch your favourite show. But you need to treat yourself in some way to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Sometimes the simple things really add up.


2. Get together with friends

Nothing is worse than feeling lonely, and Valentine’s Day can bring up those emotions pretty strong when you’re single. So make some plans with friends, whether that means going out to get wasted or for a fun brunch.


3. Get yourself all cute

Stepping out into the world looking your best will always make you feel better, and on V-Day, you’ll want to show everyone what they’re missing. Wear your favourite outfit, pull out the highlighter, and try that new hairstyle, because this is the time to shine.


4. Yes, you should buy all that candy

Next-day sales are going to be great, and you deserve those candy bars and cookies. Yes, it is a cliché and (some may say) depressing thing to do, but who cares. Getting the chance to splurge and stuff yourself with sweets is the best and will always be fun.


5. Avoid looking at cute social media posts

You don’t need this negativity in your life, so just don’t look at those cheesy relationship posts that you know are coming. Lying in bed and scrolling through them will not make you feel better.


6. And finally, spend the day reminding yourself what you do have in your life

Do you have an S.O. right now? No, but you do have a supportive family and friends on your side, and you should tell them how much that means to you. Focusing on the people you do have will make all this romance stuff seem like not too big of a deal. Because who really needs the stress of dating anyway?