The Ultimate Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Roses are red, smurfs are blue, Valentine's day? We’re bored with you.

In 2021, it’s time for something new. Less Valentines, more ‘Gal-entines’. A day to celebrate our best pals who are there for us through dating mishaps, heartbreaks and happiness.

We’ve put together this list of awesome gifts and activities to spend time with your besties and show them how much they mean to you. Socially distant or not, you can celebrate your friendships this February!


Remind them that the best kind of love comes from within:

Gift your friend this 'Little book of self-care' to remind them that they deserve to take some time for themselves. It's filled with ideas and affirmations to help them replenish and feel great.




Make one yourself:

Get a blank notebook and fill it with 'I-owe-me' vouchers with ideas for relaxing acts and fun self-love. Your friend can cash them in whenever they need a break from the world. e.g. I owe me a long walk with a podcast, I owe me a phone call with a relative, I owe me a night in with Netflix!


Gift them some pampering goodies:

These scrumptious bath bombs are handmade on Vancouver- Island. They come in ‘diva’ and ‘goddess’ varieties to remind your friends of their fabulous inner power. There’s even a ‘mojito’ scent for those cocktail queens.


Brighten up their morning latte:

These double-walled mugs pour out that morning brew in an adorable shape of a heart! Cute and practical, it’s the perfect way to give your friend a pick-me-up on dark winter mornings.




Order in:

Order them a surprise delivery with their favourite coffee and treat. Grab one for yourself too and have a catch-up via Zoom.


Be their valentine:

Sending a good old-fashioned handwritten card or letter in the mail is a sure-fire way to let friends and loved ones know you are thinking of them. You can write in a favourite memory that you two share, or a list of 5 things that make you grateful to have such a great pal.


Donate to their favourite charity:

Sometimes the best gifts for friends are the ones that prove just how well you know them. If there is a cause that is close to her heart, make a small donation in their name. Think animal rescue, homeless outreach, environmental causes, etc. Whatever your friend is passionate about.


Have a zoom wine and painting party:

Grab some Rosé, and whatever craft supplies you ordered over lockdown and get painting, drawing or creating. Doesn’t have to be perfect, this is just for fun. Pose for portraits for each other, draw your pets, or try a Youtube tutorial.




Have a zoom bake-off:

Similar to the above, except with more cookie dough.

Tune in for a video call and cook-a-long together. To step it up a notch, bake from scratch with this simple recipe for strawberry sweetheart cookies.


Send them a book to snuggle up with instead:

Send them a book that focuses on friendship or sisterhood, reminding her that romance is just one part of a life-long adventure! For a recommendation, The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett is a beautiful tale about bonds that span over generations.




Create a ‘blind-date’ with a book:

Wrap up a mystery read that you enjoyed, attach a short description on the cover and hope your friend finds a new literary love. You can even exchange favourite reads and then discuss afterwards.