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Maia Knight on TikTok

Top Violet and Scout Nicknames But They Get More and More Outrageous As You Go

Since the very beginning of the internet, baby videos have been one of the most popular genres. This has yet to change, even on the TikTok app. Parents who post regular videos about their babies’ garner millions of views each video, resulting in plenty of influencer babies because of this. Two of the most popular are none other than Scout and Violet.

Maia Knight had her twin baby girls, Scout and Violet, in 2021. Since she started posting videos about them, she has gained over 7 million devoted followers. Knight will record videos of her prepping her daughters’ bottles, or “babas” as she calls them, doing mini ponytails, going on adventures with Auntie Jillian (her best friend), doing daily fit checks, or getting real and talking about the hardships of being a single mother. I cannot stress how adorable these babies are, and it really pumps up the maternal feelings I thought I didn’t have. To a very niche side of TikTok, these twins are all the rave. In the  comments section of each video, you can find hundreds of people giving the girls, nicknames that started with the first letter of their names (S., V.). I’ve compiled a list of the best and most creative nicknames for TikTok’s favourite twins.

1. Vodka and Scotch.

Ah, a classic. What arguably started the whole phenomenon of giving nicknames to these twins. You don’t have to scroll far in one of Maia’s, or Margarita as she is sometimes declared, to see fans asking how little Vodka and Scotch are doing.

2. Velociraptor and Stegosaurus.

Okay, I know I said they’d gradually get more outrageous, but I swear this is tame compared to what some people have come up with. When you see how cute these twins are, it’s hard to imagine calling them something like Velociraptor, but people love their little dinosaurs.

3. Scream and Violent.

Like I said, these girls are so cute it is hard to see how someone could associate them with violence. However, fans saw their manifestations come to life when Violent- *cough*, Violet- slapped her sister across the face whilst being held by Maia and gave her quite the scratch! At least we could tell them apart while it healed.

4. Salt and Vinegar.

I don’t know about you, but this scratches an itch in my brain particularly well. Maybe I’m just a salt and vinegar chips lover at heart, but I will gladly name my next two pets this. As for the human Salt and Vinegar, they’re probably not quite ready for the real thing, and should probably stick to mushy bananas, raspberries, or whatever it is you eat when you don’t have fully developed teeth.

5. Speed and Velocity.

Okay, so unfortunately, I can’t appreciate this creative set of nicknames to the fullest as it gives me horrific flashbacks to high school science class. I’m that much of an arts student that I couldn’t tell you what science speed and velocity are a part of. Hopefully, Maia raises Speed and Velocity to have more logical thinking than I do.

6. Snape and Voldemort.

Now, THIS I can get behind. I have to be honest; this was my true inspiration for this article. I thought I had seen it all when it came to Scout and Violet nicknames, but this one caught me off guard. Now could I suggest that Maia could possibly be… McGonagall? Moaning Myrtle? Mad-Eye Moody?

7. Spine and Vertebrae.

Okay, I think people officially have too much time on their hands. But hey, this could be a clever way to teach the twins about anatomy!

8. Vaccine and Syringe.

We love a topically on theme nickname. As the time is rolling around where most people are starting to get their booster shots against COVID-19, it is important to think of our future – the children! Don’t do it for yourself, do it for little Vaccine and Syringe!

9. Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson.

I lied- now, people officially have too much time on their hands. I’m obsessed with celebrities as much as the next person, but I truly don’t know how these two were paired up together. The real Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson have only starred in a handful of movies together, but I think it’s time this duo reunite in honour of their baby namesakes.

10. Vehicular Manslaughter and Serial Arson.


Props to Maia for raising her girls throughout the internet’s ups and downs! If you ever need a babysitter… you know how to find me.

Nicole is a second-year student at the University of Victoria studying Theatre. Although she hopes to one day work in the film industry, she currently spends her days reading, online shopping, making lattes, taking impromptu naps, and driving aimlessly around Victoria listening to Taylor Swift.
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