Top 5 Places to See in Victoria

Starting your first year of university can be pretty intimidating. Classes are harder, residence life is foreign and meeting new people becomes something like a part-time job. Add starting in a completely new place, and it makes things even worse. But, when you live in a city like Victoria, British Columbia, there is absolutely nothing to fear! Entertainment and laughs abound in this beautiful, ocean-side hub for newcomers and veterans of the island alike. Here are some awesome things in Victoria that are sure to make your weekends just a little more fantastic.

  1. Inner Harbour and Parliament building

At the heart of downtown Victoria is the Inner Harbour. Located across from the Empress Hotel, the harbour is a perfect place to take an evening stroll. Boats line the docks, including tour boats and whale watching vessels. Take in the beautiful view of the ocean as you walk along the boardwalk, and, in December, head down to see the Lighted Ship Parade. Across from the harbour is the Parliament building. At night, the building is lit up for the entire town to see. Hanging out at the harbour and taking a walk over to parliament is perfect if youre new to Victoria and want to hang out with some friends downtown.


2. Fishermans Wharf

Located just around the corner from the Inner Harbour, the Fishermans Wharf has so much to see! Food stalls, ice cream and buskers make a trip to the Wharf totally worth it. Also, as you walk along the docks, you can take a look at the floating houses and house boats that are permanently docked. Feel like getting out onto the open water? No problem! The Wharf sends out whale watching boats as well as kayaking trips. Be sure to head down and enjoy an afternoon of fun at the Wharf!


3. Government Street

Another fantastic aspect of downtown life in Victoria is Government Street. Running parallel to Douglas, Government is the place to be for shopping, dining and hanging out. All the greatest shops are there, plus some really awesome restaurants and pubs. Buskers love to hang out there too, so youre sure to see some cool talent while roaming the street. With quick access to the harbour and buses back to campus, Government street is an awesome place to hang out and see what Victoria city-life has to offer.


4. Mount Doug Park

Mount Doug Park, located on Cedar Hill Road in Gordon Head, is a great place to hang out and relax! You can walk the shores of Cordova Bay, have a picnic in the fields or even climb to the top of Mount Doug at night to get a full 360 degree view of Victoria. From the top, you can even see the mountains in Washington State. Bring some friends and spend the day in the outdoors at Mount Doug Park, or grab some hot chocolate and do some star-gazing at night. Either way, Mount Doug makes for an awesome outing!


5. Ogden Point Breakwater

On the corner of Dallas Road and Montreal Street you will find Ogden Points Breakwater. The 2 km long path leads right out into the middle of the water, giving you a spectacular view of the ocean and the mountain ridge in Washington. Not only is it a beautiful view, but there is also tons of ocean life to see while you walk! Jellyfish and seals are known to make appearances along the breakwater, giving you an awesome opportunity to see the creatures that live in the waters around you. Take a break at The Breakwater Cafe & Bistro where you can get some food and drink after a long trek! There is also plenty of beach to walk along if the Breakwater isnt your thing. No matter what, spending time at Ogden Point will bring sweet ocean breezes and good times.