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Top 5 Christmas Movies for this Holiday Season

It’s officially December, folks!  This of course means that it’s the season for jingling bells, peppermint mochas and lots of Christmas movies. Trying to choose which Christmas movie to watch is incredibly difficult, though, when there are so many to choose from, all brimming with Christmas cheer and cheesy lines. For your convenience, I’ve chosen the top five Christmas movies that you should definitely add to your list this holiday season!

Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince”

While this movie surely shocked the masses at first, with its odd quirks and strange script, it quickly became a classic in the hearts of many Netflix movie-watchers.

Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince”

While the writing in “A Christmas Prince” isn’t particularly stellar, it’s still fun and brings me joy.

Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince”

There’s something charming about normal girls falling in love with princes, and “A Christmas Prince” plays into the trope perfectly. We follow the protagonist as she infiltrates a royal family, and while she is incredibly awkward, I doubt that there’s anyone who doesn’t root for her as she manages to steal the prince’s heart.

Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince”

The “Christmas Prince” might be one of my personal favourite Christmas movies of all time, which is why it made this list. Why it’s the most important on this list. It’s fun, it’s goofy, the number of Christmas decorations make the sets look like they’re made with real gold, and there’s plenty of Christmas cheer to go around. A stellar film.

Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince”

Okay, this is just the best Christmas movie of all time. Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince” has everything a classic romance movie has and more. It’s got dorky dialogue, cringy characters and strange costumes that border something you’d find in a high school drama room. More than anything, though, it’s got heart and also a prince, a bonafide royal, for the main character to fall madly in love with, just like in storybooks. What more could you want?

While this list is in no way definitive, I doubt anyone can argue that all the films above listed are some of the best for the holiday season. I know that I’ll definitely be rewatching all five of these films many times during the holiday season!

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