Three Subscription Boxes You Should Try

Subscription boxes are all the rage. With more popping up every season, it’s hard to know what’s a must and what’s a bust. We tried three different subscription boxes and are reporting back with what we loved and what we not so loved about the boxes we got our hands on.


1. FabFitFun

Back when I was a subscription box virgin, my mom suggested FabFitFun as a potential b-day gift for me. I’d seen the abundant Instagram ads from influencers and The Bachelor alumni, and it looked like a lot of fun! My first impression of the box was nothing short of fabulous: the boxes come with beautiful designs that make you want to rip the box open and savour the beauty all at once. FabFitFun was founded in 2010, and the company’s experience shows in their curated boxes. As a member, you also get access to exclusive deals and discounts on the products that they have in their boxes and similar items. It makes rebuying your favourites easy and trying out new items cheaper. FabFitFun was great for their beauty, skincare, and lifestyle items, as they were all things I liked but wouldn’t have wanted to spend the money on myself. One of my only critiques for the box is their style items. They were beautiful, don't get me wrong, but seemed to fit hip middle-aged mom style better than my own. Of course, this is all subjective to my own personal style. Another critique is that the boxes take a long time to ship. Granted, we live on an island, but it’s usually halfway through the season before the box arrives. All in all, I would recommend FitFabFun to anyone who likes trying new items and isn’t too picky when it comes to style.


2. Causebox

Every item included in Causebox is made ethically and sustainably, and it doesn't get much better than that! The products have a west coast vibe, even though they come from all over the world. I’d seen ads for Causebox on—surprise—Instagram, though usually promoted onto my feed, not posted by those I follow. The packages are slightly smaller than the FabFitFun boxes and they include fewer items. However, I found myself loving almost every single product. The style products are simple while still being interesting and the lifestyle items are fun and functional. With Causebox, it’s quality over quantity. My only dissatisfaction would be from the small bumps the company has had in getting all their products out on time and together. One item was missing from my summer box, though I expect that that was a slip-up on their assembly line. An item for the same box was held back in production and had to be sent separately—again, a small issue. But hey, not everyone’s perfect!


3. FairyLoot

I remember when I first came across book boxes after seeing an ad somewhere on the internet. After that, they just kept appearing all over my social media. FairyLoot appeared on my Twitter feed, recommended by an author I adore. Going through their social media, I absolutely fell in love with everything they were doing and had to order one for myself. And, I can promise you, I was not disappointed.

When the box arrives, it’s in this adorable black box with a cute fairy on the lid, and quotes written all around the side. Opening up the box is mysterious and exciting, as you sift through all the purple confetti to get to the goodies.

FairyLoot is a UK-based monthly book subscription box that focuses primarily on young adult fantasy fiction, with a little bit of sci-fi peppered in there as well. Each month’s items are specially curated to revolve around a new, fun theme each month, like Villainous or Twisted Tales. Items included tend to vary between candles, socks, tea, mugs, jewellery, bath bombs, pillow covers, and a tote bag or two. Every item is specially made exclusively for the box by independent creators. The book is always a new release, and comes nestled in its own little drawstring bag, complete with a note from the author. Some editions have covers exclusive to the box, have sprayed edges, or come with hand-signed bookplates or are signed by the authors themselves.

When I got my first FairyLoot, I was absolutely enchanted by everything! It was so fun throwing all the purple confetti into the air, unveiling every new item. I found everything within the box to be cute and to match the theme really well, and the book itself was super fun. The jewellery included held up really well, and the candle is still one of my favourites to this day!

One of my only complaints is that the shipping company they use seems to vary month-to-month. Sometimes I’m charged an extra duty fee and sometimes I’m not, and some months the boxes take a lot longer to arrive than others.

Financially, it’s a bit more of a stretch, but FairyLoot is still one of my main splurges. And with an adorable name like FairyLoot, how can I say no?


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