Three Makeup Looks you Should Try This Spring

The season for bold lips and bright colors is approaching! Are you are looking to try something new and out of your comfort zone with your makeup this Spring? Well, you’re in luck! I have created three eye looks that will help you do just that!


1. Smoked-out violet and rose

I personally can’t get enough of this shimmery rose gold and violet smokey eye! Follow the steps below to achieve this look!



  1. Use an eyeshadow base or primer to ensure the color payoff is as pigmented as possible; this will also make the shadow last longer! (I used NYX eyeshadow base in the shade skintone-nude).

  2. Next, to make sure the edges of your eye look are crisp and clean, use tape to create a line from the outer corner of your eye to the edge of your brow.

  3. Take a mauve colored shadow on a fluffy blending brush (I used the MAC 224 tapered blending brush) and apply in window wiping motion in the crease of your eye starting at the edge if the tape until about mid/inner crease of your lid.

  4. Take a slightly darker mauve shade and apply in the same place, this time focusing more emphasis on the outer corner and crease of your eyelid.

  5. Take a flat eyeshadow brush (I used the brush that came in the Naked 3 pallet),  dampen it with water and apply a rose gold shimmery pigment or shadow to the entire eyelid (for this look I used the shade “trick” from the Naked 3 palette)

  6. Now take a bright medium-toned purple shadow and blend into crease and outer corner of eyelid. (I used NYX single eyeshadow in the shade “Ultraviolet” )

  7. Re-apply the darker mauve shadow and apply in a window-wiping motion to blend and soften the other violet shadow.

  8. Take the brighter medium-toned purple and drag down to the lower lashline using a smaller eyeshadow brush.

  9. Apply a highlight shadow on brow-bone and inner corner of eye.

  10. Now that you have completed the eyeshadow, it’s time for eyeliner! Use the tape that is there as a guideline for a winged look. Follow the tape and bring liner in carefully to inner corner.

  11. Lastly, curl your lashes and apply a coat of mascara. If you want a more dramatic look, also apply your favorite pair of falsies and you are done!


2. Go for the bronze

This next one is a little bit more bold, but if you’re a risk-taker this copper-and-blue shadow look is for you!



  1. First step! Take any eyeshadow base or primer in a white shade and blend across lid and lower lashline.

  2. After you have your base applied, take a flat eyeshadow brush or even your finger and apply a copper shadow or pigment to your entire eyelid.

  3. Now, take a medium brown shadow and using a fluffy blending brush (once again I used the MAC 224 brush) and apply in circular back and forth motions through the crease of your eyelid.

  4. Take a more defined eyeshadow brush and apply a light turquoise along the lower lashline

  5. Now take a slightly darker turquoise eyeshadow and concentrate on the outer lower lashline.

  6. Apply a light champagne or gold shadow to the inner corner and underneath the brow bone of the eye.

  7. Now for eyeliner! Same as in the description above, you can use tape as a guideline for your liner or just freehand it like I did for this look; I started from the inner corner of my upper lashline and worked my way out, creating a wing.

  8. Lastly curl and apply a few coats of mascara to upper and lower lashes. If you want to make this eye look more dramatic, apply a pair of false lashes!


3. Pink Pop!

This next look is great for if you aren’t into wearing bright clothing but are still looking to bring a vibrant pop of colour into your routine for the spring season!



  1. Apply an eyeshadow base on your entire lid and lower lashline to make sure your eyeshadow look will last all day or night! (I used the NYX eyeshadow base in the shade “pearled”)  

  2. Take a matte coral shade eyeshadow or blush and apply heavily on your eyelid, blending upwards into crease with a fluffy brush.

  3. Now take a darker rose or mauve eyeshadow and apply in window-wiping motion in the crease of your eyelid.

  4. Take a slightly darker mauve shadow and focus on outer corner of eyelid and blend into outer crease.

  5. Use a light pink shadow (I used “Virgin” from the Naked pallet) on a more dense eyeshadow brush or even your pinky finger and apply in the inner corners of your eyes and under the brow bone.

  6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. If you want a more flirty eye, apply some falsies to the outer half of your upper lashline and conceal the falsies base band with a thin line of black liquid liner and you are set to go!


Let us know what you think of these three looks in the comments below and also if you have any requests for what looks I should do next!