Things You’ll Need When Living Off Campus

Although the excitement of first year might seem like just a memory now, second year too is filled with firsts and challenges that can be nerve-wracking, but thrilling. The biggest step for most second year students is finally living off campus, be it in an apartment or house. For most, this is the first time you’ll be living in a house that isn’t with your parents. First time paying rent, internet bills, buying groceries and, as terrifying as it may sound, cleaning toilets. Knowing what to have in your new home can also be a challenge. Here is a list of some less obvious supplies that will definitely be needed for your new home!

Pasta Strainer

As students, you’ll quickly realize that you are poor. If you’re smart, you have a set budget for food, entertainment, bills, etc. When it comes to groceries, a lot of students find pasta to be a real money-saver. You can buy it at dollar stores, it comes in big packages, and it lasts for days. Don’t forget though, if you want to make pasta, you have to have a strainer! Cool thing about the pasta strainer is not only can you use it for pasta, but also anything else that needs to be drained. Pick one up at the dollar store and you’re set for a good part of your meals.

Coffee Maker/Keurig/Tassimo

I think it’s safe to say that we are all familiar with pulling all-nighters for studying or finishing papers, and we’re also all familiar with the amount of coffee it takes to get through these horrendous nights. Living in residence was handy because even if you didn't have the equipment in your room, there was always a kettle in the lounge for those late night coffee needs. So, now that you have your own place, you definitely need to invest in a coffee maker, or a Keurig/Tassimo. For those trying to maintain a tight budget, the coffee maker might be more up your alley. One time purchase and buying instant coffee from the grocery store can be pretty inexpensive. However, if you’ve got some money to spare every month, Keurig and Tassimo machines are good too. You can buy different cup flavours and different brands, to let variety spice up your life. Having one of these in your kitchen is sure to make your life (and mornings) that much happier.


Having a good, solid set of tupperware containers in your new home are absolutely essential. The key to surviving on limited funds is to buy food that can be prepared in larger portions and stored for later. Having good tupperware makes this easy. Also, since buying food from campus cafeterias and stores can be pricey, make lunches at home and bring them to school. Having quality containers that are microwavable and leak-proof will definitely make meals easier and your wallet a bit bigger.

Magic Bullet

Another money-saving tactic is to get a Magic Bullet. Usually, students can convince parents or grandparents to buy these as housewarming gifts so if you’re lucky, you’ll get it for free. The Bullet has so many uses, it’s ridiculous. Smoothies, hummus, omelettes, soups, dips, and even face-masks can be made with the Magic Bullet. Have it in your kitchen, and not only will it come in handy all the time, but house guests are always impressed to see it on your countertop.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Countertops, sinks, stovetops, toilets, everything, and anything. That is what all-purpose cleaners can handle. Believe me, you’re going to make a mess. When you lived at home, it was hard to notice the mess that was made. My mom always did the toilet cleaning. In my mind, toilets never got dirty because I never saw anything but a clean one. However, now that I live on my own and I have people at my house often, things can get messy. The kitchen is a war-zone and the floors can get nasty. All-purpose cleaner saves my life. You can get it almost anywhere so make sure you pick some up as soon as you move in. You will definitely need it. Good luck.