Thank You for Your Generocksity

Have you ever wanted to give back to your community, but then checked your bank account or busy schedule and decided against it? If so, you really need to check out this amazing organization called Generocksity!

Generocksity is a not-for-profit organization that was started at UBC in 2013, but is new to Victoria this year. The main goal of the organization is to help young adults to integrate philanthropy into their lives. I sat down with co-presidents Pascale Higham-Leisen and Margie Grace to learn more about it!


Grace (left) and Higham-Leisen (right)


In order to make it easier and more fun for young people to give back to the community, Generocksity raises money by throwing parties and events that are catered specifically to the student demographic. All profits from these events go to local charities, so participants are able to enjoy their free time while still making a difference in their community. Grace and Higham-Leisen began working to establish Generocksity in Victoria just last April, but they have already hosted an extremely successful event and have plans for many more. The first event was a club event held at Upstairs Cabaret. It brought out around two hundred people and raised over one thousand dollars for the charity Woodwynn Farms. Higham-Leisen and Grace were really happy to find that people were excited about the philanthropic aspect of the party. “Once people found out that it was for a good cause, they were much more excited about coming,” said Grace. Generocksity parties are great because, as Higham-Leisen puts it, “when you’re hung over the next morning, you feel good about it.”



Higham-Leisen and Grace revealed that there will be at least two more Generocksity events this year, but attending club events is not the only way to support the organization. As an option for people who are underage, who don’t like clubbing or who want to develop more of a personal connection to organizations in their community, Generocksity is also working to set up volunteer opportunities called “Good Deeds.” These events will connect students with local charities and organizations that are in need of volunteer help. Generally, they pick smaller charities in order to have a bigger impact. “I think it is really important to start locally. It is great to go volunteer in other countries, but it is important to remember that there are many people in need right here [in Victoria],” said Higham-Leisen. Eventually, the organization is hoping to hold a “Good Deeds” event every month!

Though both Higham-Leisen and Grace admit to noticing a lack of community participation from young adults today, they do not believe that it is entirely young adults’ fault. As Grace puts it, “it isn’t due to a lack of passion, it is a lack of opportunity.” Higham-Leisen followed this by saying, “we realize that students don’t have much money or time, so they are not always thinking about being philanthropic.” For Higham-Leisen and Grace, Generocksity is important because it acts as a bridge between charities and young adults. “I’ve always been inclined to help out other people, to help humanity, but there aren’t many ways for young people in general to do that. It is cool that Generocksity is trying to get this demographic to get more involved. It is time for this to happen! Historically, charity work has been thought of as something that you have to go above and beyond to do; [Generocksity] integrates it into our lives.” said Grace.



Beyond being an organization, Higham-Leisen and Grace see Generocksity as an opportunity to meet amazing people and get more involved in community. They encourage everyone to get involved by either coming to their events or joining the team! Currently, they are looking for passionate people to join their promotional team and a Vice President of Social Media. If you are interested in either of these positions you can get in contact with them by joining their Facebook group here.

To stay up to date on “Good Deeds” events, you can join the Generocksity Good Deeds Facebook group here.

Also be sure to check out their website, and their Insatgram.