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Back in 2018 when the lip syncing app Musically evolved into something new, it seems as though the entire social media world changed with it. Now known as TikTok, this video sharing app has grown to become one of the largest social media hubs in the world, where many different trends, obsessions, and fandoms can now be explored and interconnected. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the terms: “Harry Potter TikTok,” “Book TikTok” or even “Me as a Baby TikTok,” which are often used to describe very specific algorithms within the app or a very specific ‘side’ of TikTok that a fair amount of users, but not all, get the chance to exist in. In my 3 years of using TikTok, I have seen and experienced many of these different ‘sides’, but I have never come across something as peculiar as “Taylor Swift x Sports TikTok.”

Now I know what you’re thinking, is this truly real? And let me tell you, I have done the research and have discovered that a huge amount of Taylor Swift’s discography has been used in the making of sports edits. They range from sad and depressing stitched video clips about a team’s loss paired with heartbreaking songs like “My Tears Ricochetor “This is Me Trying”, to edits about disputes between teammates paired with songs like Bad Blood or Vigilante Shit. In the world of “Taylor Swift x Sports Tiktok,” there are truly endless combinations. 

Need proof? Listed below are four surprising sports that often use Taylor Swift songs for edits. The fans of these sports, as well as skilled editors have grown to love Taylor’s amazing lyricism, indirectly crowning her as the MVP of Sports TikTok:

BASEBALL (Taylor’s Version):

Out of all the sports on this list, baseball is certainly the sport that uses Taylor Swift the least, but that doesn’t mean that the handful of “Taylor Swift x MLB” edits out there are any less emotional. In these sports edits, songs are typically pulled from Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Evermore albums.

See below a TikTok made by user @nootsgf, highlighting the amazing memories of the St.Louis Cardinals winning the world series in 2011:

The caption of the edit reads “just memories”, as the soft, reminiscing instrumental sound of Taylor Swift’s “Cardiganplays in the background. Isn’t that just beautiful? It definitely feels foreign to see Taylor’s music highlighting such an event, but it just stands to show the true power of Folklore.

HOCKEY (Taylor’s Version

On hockey TikTok there is much more Taylor Swift to be found, as a variety of edits use all different kinds of songs. These are edits about gold medal celebrations, hockey fights, and hockey boy heartthrobs. I had no clue who famous hockey player Jack Hughes was until I saw edits of him to the song “Paper Rings on my For You Page.

See below a TikTok made by user @caufieldmylove that details the story of Canada’s 2023 world juniors hockey team who, after losing their first game in the tournament, turned around to secure the gold:


CANADA GETS GOLD LETS GOOO, RAHH🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒#canada #hockey #iihf #iihfworlds #worldjuniors #hockeycanada #connorbedard #joshuaroy #shanewright #dylangunther #brennanothmann #ethandelmastro @Julia Tocheri

♬ You’re On Your Own, Kid – Taylor Swift

There have been many other edits dedicated to this win, relying mostly on songs from the Red era all the way to the most recent: Midnights. The song “You’re On Your Own, Kidtends to be a favourite choice..

FORMULA ONE (Taylor’s Version)

Being a Formula One fan myself, I have come across a large amount of “Taylor Swift x Formula One” TikToks. It even feels as though I’ve seen one for every single song on Midnights. A lot of these edits are sad ones, using “Bigger Than the Whole Sky to highlight driver’s retirements, and even going as far as to state that certain drivers have similar personalities as the narrator in “Mirrorball”.

See below a TikTok made by user @marynneber that highlights the time when RedBull driver Max Verstappen won his first world championship in 2021:

Verstappen’s win is paired with the victorious emotions that are put forth by Swift’s “Long Live”, bringing together a heartwarming edit about success and perseverance.  It’s fascinating how Taylor Swift’s music can effortlessly resonate with almost everyone.

FOOTBALL (Taylor’s Version)

After the events of the 2022 World Cup, Taylor Swift’s track five song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” became one of the primary audios used for videos of football player Lionel Messi. Once Argentina won the cup, a flood of edits to Taylor Swift songs appeared on multiple people’s TikTok’s, globally. These TikToks have gone on to go viral, receiving thousands of likes and shares.

See below a TikTok made by user @chlwells that uses the chorus to Taylor’s “All Too Well” to reminisce on the entirety of the Word Cup tournament:

And this TikTok made by user @leomcssi that’s paired with Messi, the cup, and the Argentinian team celebrating their win:


ARGENTINA WON 💙🤍🇦🇷 bless taylor and bless messi, i can’t believe messi is a world cup winner, this is beautiful #messi #worldcup2022 #argentina #taylorswift #messiedit #fypシ

♬ original sound – leomcssi



What once was an app meant for over-dramatic lip syncing is now a platform where people around the world are free to create in whatever manner they choose. This freedom has brought forth many laughs, tears, and even peculiar sports edits. It’s an app that somehow inspired the entire younger generation to debate whether there were more doors or wheels in the world.

Taylor Swift’s music will continue to inspire hundreds of people around the world, who all share different interests and passions. Next time Taylor releases a new album, keep an eye out on your For You Page for any strange yet fitting edits that might come your way.

Jess Legati is the Marketing and Publicity director with the Her Campus @ U Vic chapter. Her job is to oversee the promotion and marketing of events that her chapter plans to host within their campus and community. Outside Her Campus, Jess is a third-year writing student at UVIC with a minor in digital and interactive media in the arts. She has worked with Her Campus as a writer in past years and released her first-ever self-written EP titled Touch the Sky, in 2022. In her time at UVIC, she has received two in-course awards from her department: the UVIC Bookstore Scholarship in Writing, and the Mary Aitken Legacy Scholarship in Writing. Jess spends most of her free time following the intense world of Formula One racing, but outside of motorsport, she is a chill gal who loves singing, playing guitar, and hanging out with her friends. She is super fond of fictional series like Marvel and Harry Potter and hopes to one day utilize her passion for visual media to write for television and film.