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Stuart Mair: CSS El Presidente

Meet Stuart, President (or El Presidente as he likes to call it) of the Commerce Student Society (CSS). When this busy bee has free time, he can be found hanging out with friends and being active.The CSS is the representative body of all UVic commerce students. The group’s main aim is to enrich business activities at UVic. The CSS organizes a variety of events ranging from social gatherings to charity events. Stuart does “everything and nothing” for the UVic CSS. This means that his role is to co-ordinate with everyone within the CSS to ensure that each person has a task and that everything that needs to be done gets done. Anywhere there is a gap that needs to be filled, Stuart is on it. Everyday is different for Stuart because he could be doing anything from writing cheques to picking up equipment. Two big events that the CSS will be supporting this year are the Gustavson School of Business Conference (GSBC) and JDC West. The GSBC is a conference for commerce students that will take place this year in Naniamo. JDC West is a business competition between several western business schools. The CSS is a major sponsor of this event especially since this January UVic will be hosting.Being involved, be it in his local or school community, has always been an important part of Stuart’s life. In his first two years at UVic, he coached volleyball and rugby at Mount Doug. He was also the President of the Young Life Club, a youth group dedicated to connecting with high school students transitioning to university. When he took a step back from his role, he realized his passion for volunteering and leadership. “I had 15 hours in my week to just do whatever,” he said about his time off. “And I was bored.” This desire for work led Stuart into his latest role. In his time as President, Stuart hopes to see more interaction between the upper and lower years of UVic Commerce students. His goal is to create a culture of students who are engaged in everything that the CSS has to offer and are encouraged to get more involved.As for the future, Stuart does not plan on slowing down anytime soon. Upon graduating this year with a specialization in International Business, Stuart sees himself continuing his studies and is interested in going to law school. Ultimately, Stuart hopes that one day he will be paid to do what he loves the most- travel. He’ll be traveling to China in December for 10 days and absolutely cannot wait for the experience.Make sure that you say hi when you see him around!


Femi Tunde-Oladepo is in her final year at the University of Victoria where she is studying at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. After her undergrad, Femi hopes to read law and master French, Spanish and Italian. She is an active volunteer in her community and enjoys working with the Rotaract Club on campus. Having filled numerous notebooks as a child, Femi adores writing — especially short stories. She likes to dance (spontaneously), listen to all genres of music, laugh loudly and be the sassiest person in a room. In her spare time, Femi likes to window shop online, go for runs and reorganize spaces. One day, Femi hopes to perfect the art of soft pretzels. Follow her on Instagram @femzieb to see her attempts at being artsy and pensive.
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