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Six Socially-Distanced Halloween Activities

Are we currently living through a pandemic in an experience that is akin to a horror movie/dystopian nightmare? Yes. Does that mean Halloween is cancelled? Absolutely not. Halloween is about facing your fears and scaring away the ghosts with frightening costumes — it’s about being thrilled. Halloween parties might be out of the question this year, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. 

Closet costume challenge.

You’ve probably seen these on TikTok. The concept is simple: come to dinner dressed as a character or person from X category. You can go all in or keep it casual. You can do it over Zoom or with your roommates or while socially-distancing in a field. Suggested categories: Riverdale, Gossip Girl, or those TikTok moms doing the “Potential Breakup Song” trend. 

Netflix Party movie marathon.

If you live alone, and your friends live alone, change the way you watch horror movies by watching one together, online. Download the extension here. For even more fun, pair it with a messenger or Zoom call and chat through the movie.

Socially-distanced séance at a spooky location.

Dress up in your witchiest clothes, bring your own snacks, and frolic around a forest or a field near dusk. Do a photoshoot, crack open a bottle of red wine, and listen to some Stevie Nicks until the sun sets. Then, if you’re feeling reckless and brave, summon some spirits!

Pumpkin patch/corn maze.

These classic fall activities have everything: excellent autumn atmosphere, ample room to social distance, and plenty of photo opportunities.

Candy exchange!

A pandemic is no excuse not to have exorbitant amounts of candy in the house on Halloween night. Spice things up by assembling candy bags or baskets and trading them with your friends. Think of it as a candy-themed Secret Santa (Secret… Phantom?)

Try your hand at a frightening multiplayer video game.

For those of you brave enough, check out Dead by Daylight. This is a game of hunt-and-be-hunted with characters from your favourite horror franchises.  For the faint of heart, jump into a game of Among Us, the game that has taken the internet by storm with its cutesy graphics and simple, but engaging premise: there is an imposter among us.

However you celebrate, be safe, have fun and make this your best Halloween yet!

Emma is in her fourth year of a BFA in Screenwriting and a Film Studies minor at the University of Victoria. She's an aspiring filmmaker and pop-culture obsessed. When she isn't writing for Her Campus or burning her eyes from staring at a screenplay that just isn't working, she's probably at home playing video games, watching movies (it's technically homework, she's studying them) or mindlessly scrolling through her TikTok feed.
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