Signs He Doesn't Want Your Summer Fling to Grow Cold

We’ve all been there before: the weather is hot and the boys are hotter. It’s nice to have someone to bring along for summer activities. Lounging on the beach and road tripping are a lot more fun with a cutie on the side. You and your SO might have been riding the high all summer long, but how do you know if he’s thinking about your connection through the cold? No one should pretend to know what runs through the male mind, but these telltale signs are a good place to start.


1. He posts on social media and tags you

Let’s start simple—has he been showing you off? Not every guy is into social media, but if he is and hasn’t taken the opportunity to show of his summer sweetheart … well, you’ve been warned. If a boy wants to show you off, then he will, and each and every lady deserves to be a star of the show. If he wants you two to last more than a hot second, he won’t be worried about friends seeing the post because they already know about you!



2. He introduces you to people

When you pass one of his school friends that he hasn’t seen all summer, does he make the effort to introduce you? If he wants you in his life for months to come, then he should, not only to keep you around, but because it’s good manners. Bonus points if he introduces you as his girlfriend!


3. He lends his things to you

If he is hyperaware of how long you’ve had his hoodie, you might want to watch out. A guy thinking about the future (consciously or not) will lend you his favourite items with ease.



4. He talks about the future with you

This is the big one, my friends! Listen for these quick remarks because they tell a lot more than he’s probably intending. It can be something as simple as mentioning a Halloween party he’s heard about, or something big like a trip a few months from now. It might catch you off guard or slip by without a blink. Either way, it’s great way to gauge where he’s at.


5. Ask him and see what he says

You can look for all the signs or dance around the subject all you want, but when it comes to people’s feelings, there is no better way to know than to ask. Conversations like this can be difficult to start, especially when your emotions are at risk. The most you can do is be honest and hope that he grants you the same courtesy. If he’s not honest, then he doesn’t deserve you past the heat of summer.