Sexualized Violence Awareness


Due to recent events on campus, we want to highlight what you can do on campus to combat sexualized violence. The UVic campus as well as the Victoria community supplies an outstanding number of resources available, to everyone on and off campus to ensure safety, and a safe learning environment.


First of all, our wonderful Campus Security, their office (located by the bookstore, near the bus loop) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On their website you can find some information about personal safety, parking safety and bus safety tips, as well as all their emergency and non-emergency phone numbers. All members of campus security are also trained medical first responders as well.


Safe Walk has been an increasingly popular resource on campus and has been a first point of contact for anyone who does not feel safe on campus. The number for Safewalk is located on the back of your ONEcard. Safewalk is a service where if you are on campus late at night, you can call their number and they will have an officer meet you wherever you are and can walk you to your car, or dorm, or anywhere else on campus, including as far as the Ian Stewart Complex.


Campus Alone is another service offered by Campus Security. This service is common for if you are study late at night on campus alone, they will have an officer come and check up on you at predetermined intervals. It’s helpful and comforting to know that someone knows where you are (just make sure you let them know when you leave).  The number for campus alone is here as well as their Safewalk number.


There are also 14 blue telephone booths located all over campus. These are direct dial phones. No coins are required, and it will connect you directly to Campus Security via the Safewalk number.


We also have two Personal Safety Coordinators. They are here to act as a liaison between Campus Security Services and the University community. The host Crime Prevention Education Programs such as: Residence Safety, Personal Safety Presentations, New Student Orientation, and Community Committees. Personal Safety Coordinators are responsible for addressing security concerns as well as developing, implementing and promoting personal safety programs across campus. Here is their website for more information on how to access their resources, and how to become involved.


Other ways to stay safe on campus:

  1. Buddy up, studying late on campus? Drag a friend to study with you. Its important to feel safe and be with people you trust.
  2. Campus Phone Charging – There are currently 3 free phone charging kiosks on campus and most students feel safer, having their phone on them and in working condition. The phone charging stations are located in: Biblio Café, SUB by the SUB Upper Lounge, and Mickinnon Gym, in the main lobby area. Also in the library is our multimedia center, located at the back of the library on the first floor. They will loan out phone chargers as well for usually a few hours, see the Music and Media desk for details.
  3. Public Phones – there are phones for public use in the SUB, and if you are on campus late and everything is closed, Campus Security also has phones so you can reach someone to pick you up, or let them know where you are.


Campus Security’s job is “to promote a safe and welcoming environment to enhance the well-being of students …” so be sure to have some of their phone numbers in your contacts for future use.


A large contributor to the decrease of sexualized violence on campus is the Anti-Violence Project (AVP). “The AVP is committed to addressing and ending gender-based violence on campus and beyond. They offer support services for a variety of gender based violence including sexualized violence, sexual assault, street harassment, intimate partner violence etc.

This page provides a variety of resources like the Victoria Sexual Assault Center, Vancouver Island Crisis Line and Campus Security. They acknowledge that asking for help is one of the hardest things to do, and that’s their mission to support and help any situation.

Sexualized violence is serious, and they answer some important questions about what is sexual harassment, and what to do about it.

AVP also organizes a lot of workshops, and presentations such as having Laci Green come and talk about rape culture. Her talk was entertaining and informative, and one of the many great resources the AVP helps organize. Here’s where to find workshops on campus, and how to get involved.


Finally, UVic offers free, confidential one on one and group counseling to all registered UVic students. If you ever need to talk to anyone, about anything, even something small, they are here to provide you support. They are located upstairs in the University Centre, B270, and have hours Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. They also offer a variety of workshops and educational opportunities.

It’s important to stay safe. Campus Security, the local police, and the entire UVic community, and Victoria community are here to help. They are bursting with resources, and if you ever do not feel safe for any reason do not hesitate to contact any of the resources above.