Richelle Stewart: Avid Volunteer


If you bump into our campus celebrity this week, don’t hesitate to say hi! This is Richelle, a second year pre-admit student at  the Gustavson School of Business. Volunteering is what she is passionate about the most. Currently, she is a Vikes Nation Ambassador, a CL of the Business Living Learning Community, and an active volunteer at Cystic Fibrosis Canada.


Some of her other interests include different sports such as karate, which she started doing at the age of seven (and even competed at the 2010 BC Winter Games); soccer, which she played in highschool; and golf, which was tied to her summer job. In her pastime, she loves baking sweet chocolatey stuff, cooking, and hanging at people’s houses.

Being part of the Residence Engagement Team as a Vikes Nation Ambassador, Richelle actively brings the “vikes nation atmosphere” to residence through supporting the Vikes team at various high-spirited intramural games. From time to time, she also does Vikes Nation promotions at the quad. She states that her involvement has been an entirely fun and inclusive experience. If you’re that Vike who longs for a sense of belongingness, you’ll want to join the Vikes Nation Ambassadors! Everyone is welcome.


Richelle is also liking her first year as a CL. With the “awesome residence”, as she states, and the new people that she gets to meet, how couldn’t she? For Richelle, one great thing about being a CL is being able to extend her network of friends. In fact, she had especially grown close with two other CLs who she now claims as her new best-friends! If you’re interested in becoming a CL, don’t miss the applications on January!

When asked of her goals, she simply states that she plans on putting more time into volunteering and becoming involved in more organizations, as she states: “it’s [volunteering] like not putting much in, feeling like you hadn't done as much, but your help actually makes an impact.”