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I have been a fan of George Ezra ever since his first album Wanted on Voyage came out and he graced us all with his deep British voice. Every radio station was playing “Budapest,” and I fell in love. So, naturally, when his new album Staying at Tamara’s came out, I was ready to listen, even with the rest of the world practically ignoring this historic event. So here are my thoughts, song by song, on Staying at Tamara’s.       


“Pretty Shining People” (listen here)

The album starts with his classic “optimistic even though everything sucks” vibe that comes with a fun beat you can dance to. The chorus is catchy and puts you in a dancey mood, as should most music. The vocals aren’t really the star in this song, but George’s deep voice is strong and works really well throughout. A strong start to the album.

“Don’t Matter Now” (listen here)

Another really fun song with a great beat. It makes me want to move away and change my name, which is a mood. The trumpets and the rest of the instrumentals are exceptional as well, and although the lyrics are simple, they are fun and work well. A great song for summer and anytime you have a road trip.

“Get Away” (listen here)

This one has a good mix of pop and rock sounds and has a generally upbeat feeling. The lyrics are clever and leave you guessing about the inspiration, which is always fun to speculate about. George’s voice is strong in this one and shows good range, which is always a bonus with him.



“Shotgun” (listen here)

Now this one is summer vibes if I’ve ever heard it: everything from the lyrics to the instrumentals just scream the beach. Trumpets are featured in this one as well, and it works perfectly with the very fun feeling. The lyrics aren’t revolutionary, but they make you happy and make you yearn for some nice weather.

“Paradise” (listen here)

The first one on the album about love, and it’s a bop. It’s upbeat with a chorus that will stay in your head for days on end. I love this one and, even though it is just a fun love song, it sounds great and his voice kills it. He also says “bloody” in this one, so he sounds extra British, and I am not complaining about that.

“All My Love” (listen here)

Probably my favourite one on the album, because damn, that voice. You really get a taste of his deep, smooth, sultry voice in this one, and I live for it. It’s also a love song, and honestly should be played at every wedding ever. It makes you want to slow dance in the kitchen like in a cheesy movie.



“Sugarcoat” (listen here)

This one has more of a relaxed feeling than the earlier songs, but it’s a nice transition. It has a real cozy/lazy/chill vibe that makes it an easy listen. The vocals are good and you can really hear him in this one, which is a plus. The instrumentals play more as background, but I like it.

“Hold My Girl” (listen here)

Get ready for the emo music. Honestly, a beautiful song with all you could want: great lyrics, pretty instrumentals, and amazing vocals. It’s the first real slow song, and it kinda makes you want to cry, but in a good way. Thank you, George.

“Saviour” (listen here)

This song has a very soulful vibe with a darker tone than the rest of the album. I love the lyrics in this one and the backup vocals. One of the strongest on the album and has one of the most serious tones.



“Only a Human” (listen here)

Love the piano in this one: it’s just nice and simple, which is a good way to start ending the album. It also allows his vocals to really shine. The lyrics are simple, but it all just ties together nicely.

“The Beautiful Dream” (listen here)

A great way to end the album, because it really focuses on his vocals and has a very well put together sound. It is slower, but also optimistic, and has a dream-like vibe that is a good closing.


Staying at Tamara’s is a strong second album for George Ezra. It has a more refined version of his style and does not disappoint. The whole album feels as though it has a story arc, starting out all peppy pop and ending more relaxed and mature. I think it highlights what George is best at: vocals and lyrics, which are two big things for me, personally. He’ll be going on tour this summer, and I think there will be more to come from this British singer.


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