The Questions You Get With an Unpopular Major

Summer ending is bad enough on it's own, but the worst part about it is the back to school conversations. All the family members, friends, strangers, and the dreaded question: "what are you studying again?" Here are all the questions students with unpopular majors tend to get.


1. “What is your major anyway?”

Looks like this conversation is just getting started! At this point you’re hopeful and happy someone asked but you’ve done this before and ready are for all the follow up.


2. “What even is that?”

You’re not mad just maybe a little disappointed. Trying to sum up what you are spending 4 years of your life on is never easy. You might even have the dictionary definition of your field memorized.


3. “What are you going to do after you graduate?”

Your answer probably stands somewhere along the lines of having a stress free and full night’s rest, but you know that’s not really what you’re looking for.


4. “How many career options does that leave you with?”

First off, what does it matter to them anyway? And second, is that something you’d be asking a general science major, who has the equal amount of unchartered opportunity?


5. “What does your course load look like?”

You might as well give them your full class schedule. Better yet grab a piece of paper and draw a detailed timeline of all your courses first through fourth year. They’re obviously looking for details, right?


6. “What do your parents think of that?”

THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT ME OKAY?! No matter what the situation, it really isn’t anyone’s business besides your own. Go ahead, give them that Tina Fey eye roll.


7. “Are you at least minoring in something else?"

Maybe you are. Maybe you’re not. However, this doesn’t make your major any less or more valid of an education.


8. “Do you think you should take at least one business course, just in case?”

Goodbye. This conversation is over. I’m going to take my unpopular degree, all my future aspirations, and a dictionary to go sit in the corner.