Our Theme of the Week is Girl Boss

#Girlboss has taken over Instagram with accounts solely dedicated to posting empowering quotes. It’s the up-side of social media, which has sometimes been less than pleasant with an abundance of Twitter feuds and defamation battles.

When I think about the term girl boss, I think of our Social Media Director Abby Koning. For the past two years, Abby has managed the Social Media Interns as they produce content for our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube accounts. She has been fundamental to the success of the Cool Girl Podcast, as one of our main editors working away in Garage Band. She also initiated publicity strategies like the Instagram birthday calendar, which is the virtual equivalent of a warm hug on your special day. 

As a new Campus Correspondent this year, I have gone to Abby when I needed advice or feedback on how I was doing as a leader. I knew that Abby would offer me honest constructive criticism and would back me in any project that I decided to introduce to Her Campus. All of us at Her Campus UVic are so grateful for Abby’s contributions these past two years, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!

Don’t worry—The #girlboss moment doesn’t end there! In this week’s line-up of articles, our profile star, Courtney Watkins, discusses the highs and lows of growing your own business in the fashion sector, past members share where Her Campus has taken them on their career paths, and more.

This theme has been a joy for our staff writers to curate as young women ourselves hoping to make our own #girlboss impact on the world. We hope you feel as inspired reading as we did writing these articles.




President/Campus Correspondent 


Disclaimer: the photo above was shared by Courtney Watkins for her feature article this week called Sailing Solo as a Fashion Entrepreneur—be sure to check it out!