Meet the Events Coordinator: Kate Harder


Meet Kate Harder! She is a second year linguistics major, but most importantly, she is Her Campus at UVic’s Events Coordinator! She does an incredible job at every project she takes on, and is always willing to do more than her fair share of work. Originally from Chilliwack, BC, Kate moved to Victoria for university. “UVic offers a BSc in linguistics as well as a BA, so for someone like me who could never decide between sciences and humanities this seemed like the perfect fit. The linguistic department at UVic is also really awesome.” Kate loves Victoria, and her favourite spot on campus is anywhere with a big window for her to look out of. She loves the curriculum library because it has big tables to work at and lots of space. “They also allow you to bring in food which is the buzz.” She also loves going for runs through Mystic Vale and the Chip trail, two places she doesn’t think students take advantage of enough.



When she’s not studying or helping us out at Her Campus, Kate spends a lot of time cooking and baking. “It’s the best stress release.” She also spends a lot of her time at the gym, and loves being out in nature.

So what is Kate planning on doing after graduation?

”My original plan was to become a speech pathologist but after seeing some of the cool work that my profs do with language revitalization I am starting to think about going into linguistic research. My dream would be to be like Amy Adams character in ‘Arrival.’”


Kate joined Her Campus in her first year of university. She liked that Her Campus gives her the opportunity to express herself creatively in an environment outside of school. She likes writing listicle articles, and she loves that you can get the whole team to give their input and opinions on articles like that before writing them. Her favourite HC memories are all of the socials we have (which she now plans!). As our coordinator of events, Kate plans and organizes all of our social gatherings and campus wide events, like our professional headshot even we held earlier this month. Her goal for the chapter in the future is to achieve pink status, and for us to become even more gender inclusive. “People should join Hc because it gives you an opportunity to be creative and hang out with a bunch of awesome people”



Of course we had to ask Kate how she manages to stay organized. “Buy a cute agenda and make it your best friend. I constantly have a to do list on the go. While sometimes writing it all out can be overwhelming, when you can take something off the list it is super satisfying.”


Thank you Kate for all of your hard work! If you see her campus, don’t be afraid to say hi (look at how cute she is!).