Mackenzie Marshall: Future Linguist


Meet Mackenzie Marshall! As someone who switched programs and universities part way through her degree, she understands the value of recognizing when something isn’t working and making sure you treat yourself first.


Mackenzie transferred to UVic from the University of Western Ontario to pursue a degree in Linguistics. She was drawn to UVic because of its reputable linguistics program that focussed on indigenous languages and language revitalization. When asked what the best part of her program is, Mackenzie states that “the wonderful professors and linguistic community” are what makes her major so great. She even cites her professors as one of her major inspirations. “They inspire me on a daily basis. The work they are doing within indigenous communities is really empowering, and I hope to be able to take that with me in everything I do.”


As a linguistic student, Mackenzie has had the chance to do lots of research for her classes. “Currently I am doing a study on gender differences in tongue grooving during /s/ production.” Of course each degree does have its challenges, but Mackenzie admits that if she wasn’t in linguistics, she probably wouldn’t be nearly as happy as she is right now.


When Mackenzie isn’t studying, she volunteers with the UVic Student for Literacy as a classroom tutor. She is also the executive coordinator for the world partnership walk in Victoria, which is organized by the Aga Khan foundation.


In terms of unwinding and relaxation, Mackenzie enjoys rock climbing, yoga, running and playing intramural soccer. Her ideal night off would either entail watching Netflix or doing one of the previously mentioned activities. She also likes to treat herself to a date square from Bean There in the SUB every now and again. “They are my go to treat on campus.” When asked about tips for practising self care, Mackenzie states that sleep is extremely important. “I try to get at least 8 hours every night.” She also says that “you can never treat yourself enough.”


If you see Mackenzie on Campus make sure you say hi, and maybe offer to buy her a date square!