A Love Letter to My Friends

I think today in modern society, we spend too much time obsessing over romantic relationships. A relationship is seen as the be all, end all; the one thing that will fulfill us as people and bring us happiness. But with a rise in hookup culture and more people looking to focus on their careers, I think the reality is a bit more complicated than that. Not to say romance is dead, but I think people are starting to realize that a romantic partner is not the answer to everything.

One thing that is on the rise is the celebration of female friendships and the importance of friendships in general. You have the girl gangs, besties, and bromances all around social media and on campus. And I love it.

It can be easy to take your friends for granted: they can feel like daily fixtures in your life that you depend upon to be there whenever you need. You can call them up or text them at any point of the day to tell them whatever you need to get out, and they’ll make you feel valid. They are who you call on in your worst times, but also your best; life would be pretty lonely without them. So why don’t they get the recognition a significant other would? Where are the glamorous holidays, presents, movies for the best friend? Well, this is my love letter to my best friends.



Thank you for cheering me on when I take risks, even when you know I’m making a mistake, and sticking by my side.

Thank you for laughing with me, for making my stomach hurt from laughter as I gasp for breath.



Thank you for our traditions, for the same movies and food on each Friday night as the one before, because it never gets old.

Thank you for trusting me with your secrets and always holding onto mine. I’ll never need a diary; just you.

Thank you for telling me when I’m wrong or messing up, because there is no one else I can count on more to keep me on the right path.



Thank you for letting me cry when I just needed to cry, for sitting on the phone and listening to me weep so that I could feel a little less alone.

Thank you for being my best friend.