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Influenster 101: How to sign up for PR boxes

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Do you ever get jealous swiping through your favourite influencer’s social media posts and seeing endless PR box hauls? Do you like creating content and have a social media presence? Do you love getting free stuff? If your answer to any of the previous questions is “yes”, then I have the perfect app for you! Influenster is a product discovery and reviews app created in 2010 that allows you to join a community of like-minded people that love all the products you do! If you are ever wondering if you should splurge on a designer fragrance or wondering if some protein bars actually taste as good as the label promises? Influenster has you covered with real customer reviews on thousands of products. I joined Influenster in 2018 and since then have received products from brands like Fenty Beauty, RXBAR, LLBean, Laneige, and more! All of the items I received were completely free (no hidden costs at all!) and were sent to me to review on my social media. If reading and writing reviews in exchange for free goodies piques your interest, read on to find out how you can become an Influenster. 

How do I get free stuff?

Once you download the Influenster app you will be asked to connect it to a social media profile (like Instagram). The number of followers on your social media accounts that are connected to Influenster dictates how high your impact score will be. Your impact score then helps Influenster decide if you are right for certain VoxBoxes. The more active you are on your social media accounts and on Influenster will increase your chances of getting a VoxBox. 

Wait… what is a VoxBox?

VoxBoxes are packages filled with free things that you get to share and review! Some VoxBoxes are Influenster curated and contain different things from various brands, while others are brand-centric and contain one thing. VoxBoxes are completely free, with no shipping or hidden costs attached. 

How will I know if I am getting a VoxBox?

Once you start writing reviews and using the app consistently, you will be sent a survey via email. The survey will test your interest and see if you would be the right fit for multiple brand campaigns. These surveys take only a few minutes to complete and will ask for your address, phone number, and some other basic info. Not every survey that you are sent will result in a VoxBox, so don’t lose hope if you have filled out a couple of surveys with no reward; your time will come! If you are chosen, you will receive an email telling you what you are getting and what tasks you will have to complete. 

I got my VoxBox! Now what?

Once you get confirmation of a VoxBox, your Influenster page will have a new campaign that features the name of your VoxBox. When you click on the campaign, you will be led to a list of tasks that need to be completed in order to get the badge for your campaign. These tasks could be making an Instagram story that features a product you received, writing a review on a website, or posting a picture of your VoxBox on Facebook. You must finish your tasks to be considered for another VoxBox. 

Since joining Influenster, I have been able to try different brands and products that I might not have had the chance to before! I 100% recommend downloading Influenster and checking it out. Writing a couple of reviews for Influenster has some sweet benefits that everyone can achieve.

Alison is a second-year English major at the University of Victoria. She is passionate about dance, classic literature, the Aritzia clearance rack, vegan smoothies, and supporting reproductive freedoms.
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