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If We Could Have Any Job We Wanted…

Written by Parus Khan


If UVic students could start their dream jobs tomorrow, what would they be? Would they be related to their areas of study? I asked some students on campus …


Jessica Jacobson, 4th year, English Major

“If I could start my dream job tomorrow, I would be an entertainment lawyer for Warner Bros. by day and a band manager by night!”


Emma de Blois, 2nd year, Writing Major

“If I could start my dream job tomorrow, I would be a working on a TV series as a writer and showrunner (Hey @Netflix, if you see this, please give me a job).”


Jessica Baxter, 2nd year, Sociology and Business Major

“I would want to work at a company where I could help them become more ethical. Or work at a non-profit and help with their marketing.”


Ria Boldt, 3rd year, Anthropology Major

“It would probably be a forensic pathologist or a pediatrician. And also an astronaut (finding hard evidence of aliens).”


Arianna Cheveldave, 4th year, Writing and Professional Communication

“My dream job would be working at a publishing house as a book editor.”


Parus Khan, 1st year, Undecided

My dream job would be a songwriter who writes songs for Shawn Mendes.


If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below! 



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Parus Khan

U Vic '22

I am a 2nd year UVic student studying Child and Youth Care. I enjoy photography, watching movies, and fashion. My dream vacation would be going on a Disney cruise!
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