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I Watched He’s All That – Should You?

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I’ve always been intrigued by social media stars crossing over into the film industry. With all the buzz these movies create, it’s not surprising that He’s All That is being buzzed about on the internet. Before we start, I have a confession to make. I have never watched She’s All That, the OG. Will the successor hold up as a reputable movie on its own? Let’s find out! 

Unfortunately the plot of the movie is nothing special. It has that boy-meets-girl, they fall in love type of storyline, however with some LGBTQ+ elements which was nice to see. The plot itself seems very predictable if you have knowledge in 2000s movie tropes. The chemistry between Patchett (Addison Rae) and Cameron (Tanner Buchanan) was a nice surprise, in which it distracted you from the bad acting provided by other characters (looking at you, Kourtney Kardashian). 

This is not a flawless movie as many other reviewers point out. There are some general errors with the production of the movie, from a disputed green screen error to Patchett not handing out flyers, only making the motion. Fortunately, these mistakes add great entertainment value when viewing with friends – in which you can make a tally of who catches what mistake.

Overall, I believe He’s All That is a great study break if you enjoyed 2000s classics such as Bratz (2007) and Sleepover (2004). He’s All That applied the comedic style of such movies with the addition of some PG content, allowing for a fun watch with friends. 

Have you watched He’s All That? Let us know what you thought in the comment section below!

Savannah is currently in her third year at Uvic, majoring in English and Business. When not swamped with studying, she can be found exploring downtown, drinking way to much coffee, reading, and enjoying the experiences UVic has to offer.
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