How To Take Your Wardrobe From Cold To Hot

Spring weather is the worst. It flip-flops back and forth between pouring rain, where you’re forced to bring out the old rainboots you’d packed away, and surprise spots of sun, where you show off that new maxi dress you’ve been dying to wear—only to repeat the cycle again! I like to describe spring weather as a non-committal boyfriend because it just keeps jerking you around—urgh!

If you feel this way about the weather, then you likely feel just as frustrated with your wardrobe and the conundrum about how to dress for the on-again, off-again showers. If so, here are some tips for dressing cute in this transitional season.


1. Opt for knee-high socks with a skirt

Everyone wants to wear a skirt in spring. You’re so close to summer, yet, so far. The sun outside gives the illusion it’s warm enough, but then you step outside and all hope dies. Long socks can offer a cozy solution to the nippy cold and elevate your laissez-faire ensemble to new preppy heights!


2. Set your dresses ablaze!

Dresses are fun, right?! They look so pretty in your closet, but then you realize that it’s just too cold (with a chance of showers) for your dream of sipping cocktails on a rooftop patio *sigh*. The solution: put a blazer over a dress to maintain your sophisticated elegance while keeping warm. Plus, pair the outfit with some ankle boots in case you splash through any puddles on the walk to and from the restaurant.


3. Switch up your outerwear

In the winter, it becomes habit to reach for the same black jacket to bear through the grey season—BO-RING! Spring is all about floral print and bursts of colour (to Miranda Presley’s disapproval),so instead of snagging that black jacket, swap it for something vibrant to enhance your everyday look.


4. The under-over look

Another way to bring out the dresses is to LAYER. It’s the west coast way, so they say. Simply pair some leggings with a long-sleeved turtleneck as a base layer under your spring dress, and voila!


5. Add crisp white to your colour palette

A white shirt never looked brighter than against a wall of foliage. With flora blooming everywhere you look in Victoria, your white apparel will be sure to pop amongst a sea of lush green.


6. The Layered Look

One trend that is re-emerging on runways, magazines and blogs is the knit sweater with a flowing skirt. The best part is, it’s easy to recreate: simply steal your boyfriend’s oversized knit if you don’t have your own, or thrift shop if you don’t want to be a criminal—that’s cool, too.


7. Sprinkle some embellishments onto your collection

Amongst the booming trend of minimalism, it’s easy to feel dreary at the blandness of your wardrobe pieces. Fret no more, fashion fellas! When shopping, thrifting or even borrowing, next time, seek out something with a flashy take on a traditional clothing staple. Or, if you’re really adventurous, DIY an old polo or button-up by adding some sparkle and pizzazz, to your taste. In addition, choose an unlikely pairing of preppy and sporty to enrich the classic ensemble.


Well, that’s all for today, folks. Good look transitioning your wardrobe from cold to hot!

Sincerely, the honorary HC fashion squad: Carly, Astra, and Rachel. Xx