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How to Survive the Holidays with a Big Family

If your like me and you come from a big family, you know the ups and downs of having so many relatives. While many picture it being like every family holiday movie, you know that it’s a lot different then typically seen on screen. By now, many of you are most likely masters of being able to navigate the anticipated big family dinner, but for those of you who have yet to master the technique or are just going in to your significant others big families get together, here are some tips are tricks from the pro.


1. The Loud Obnoxious One: No matter what your family is like, there is always that one relative who is way too loud and way too into whatever is going on at the dinner table. While this relative has their funny moments, when your on the receiving end, it can be uncomfortable. Especially if your just meeting this person for the first time. This relative is harmless, and for the most part genially unaware of their actions and words. Best course of action to handle this relative? Board games! Having a bit of competition at the get together will bring out the best of everyone and let everyone have a good laugh. And watching this relative try and guess what their partner is doing during charades is priceless.


2. The Out of Touch One: Now this relative is someone everyone has come across of. This relative somehow has no sense of your age and what is appropriate at your age. My favourite question I’ve been asked by this relative? When I’m having kids. I had just finished my first year university, and my Dad was quick to come to my defence against this question. Have a good sense of humour when it comes to tackling a conversation with this one.This relative is sure to give you plenty of good stories to share with your friends when you come back from winter break.


3. The Drunk One: Now, you either love this relative, or you are this relative. There’s always someone who drinks wayyy too much at the family get together, and becomes the butt of the jokes for the evening. But don’t worry if this is you, by the next time the next big family get together happens, one of your cousins will be sure to dethrone you.


4. The Ones who Make it All Worth it: Now this relative(s) are the ones that make it all worth all the shenanigans and chaos that occurs at the dinner table. All of the craziness that happens that makes you question your family and how your actually related to these people by blood, this person is your comrade throughout it all. Every year you become closer and closer together, and they can relate to your struggle better then anyone.


No matter how your big family is during the holidays, the holidays always manages to bring together under one roof. No matter how much you dread seeing everyone, you always have a good time, and although you always end up questioning how your actually related to these people, family is family, and you only got one.

Brianne is a 4th year Political Science student at the University of Victoria, and currently a social media intern for HerCampus. With a passion for world politics, culture, and language, she hopes to one day travel the world. When Brianne isn't either working, studying, or trying to master Russian, she can be found curled up with a cup of tea watching Netflix.
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