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It is a strange time in the world. Managing our hand washing and anxiety levels have never felt like a greater challenge, and one classic way many of us are “dealing” with these overwhelming feelings is to resort to escapism. If you’re running out of escapist activities or recommendations, may this list give you new ideas for how to stay busy and stay distracted.

Watch Instagram Live Shows

I’m calling them “shows” because celebrities have turned their Instagram accounts into mini-late night monologues and podcast alternatives through the live feature. Some favourites of mine include “The Kat and Dave Show” with Kathrine McPhee Foster and David Foster, where the married duo sing and play piano for half an hour each evening at 5 PM, and “Bright Minded” with Miley Cyrus, where she interviews a slew of celebrities on how to stay positive during these challenging times.

Host a Netflix Party

I wasn’t sure if I would find a Netflix Party very entertaining since it was just Netflix with a comment thread you could choose to engage with. Boy, was I wrong. My recommendation for hosting a successful Netflix Party is to choose an artistic movie that most people in your group have not seen before. My band of friends opted for “The Shape of Water,” and it was perfect because the more outlandish the movie got, the funnier the comment section became. I also recommend following the party up with a follow-up conversation either over messenger or Zoom to debrief about the film.

Virtually Tour a Museum

I mean, why not? You’re bored. And art is cool. Schedule to tour it at the same time as several friends on Zoom or Facetime so you can discuss what you’re seeing in the tour in real-time to make it more engaging and lively. Some museums that offer these virtual tours include the Musée d’Orsay (Paris) and The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Korea)

Catch up on the Best Blogs

Best is subjective, so perhaps I should say you’re favourite blogs. Need some blog recommendations? My personal favourite is Man Repeller, which describes itself as a “humorous website for serious fashion.” Whatever your interests are, there is likely a blog out there for you!

Host a Zoom Open Mic

Zoom Open Mic? What’s that? It’s literally what it sounds like: an open mic on Zoom (a video conferencing platform). Gather your artistic friends, and share some poetry, short stories, and songs!

How are you staying busy during these socially distant times? Share your ideas with us in the comments below, or DM us on social media and we’ll share a thread of our community’s recommendations.


Carly Grabher is in her fifth year of Creative Writing at The University of Victoria with a minor in Gender Studies. She is the Campus Correspondent of the UVic chapter and has been a contributing writer and editor with Her Campus for four years. In addition to writing articles, Carly formerly danced and worked at Canada's National Ballet School, redesigned the website for The University of Victoria Faculty Association, and worked as the communications and events assistant with UVic's Co-operative Education Program and Career Services.
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