How to Get Yourself Summer Ready

Although it may not feel like it, summer is right around the corner. That means pretty sundresses, shorts, skirts and of course that itsy bitsy teensy weensy yellow polka dot bikini. For many of us, the transition from winter to summer can be difficult.If you are a pale-skinned person like myself, the idea of suddenly having to show your legs, legs that have not seen the sun (or a razor for that matter) for the better part of the summer, does not sound appealing. Luckily, I have created a plan to help make that transition from the fully clad days of winter to the exposed style of summer a little easier.


Work Out

Now, I am in no way saying that you need to have a supermodel body; that isn’t possible or necessary. What is possible, however, is giving yourself the confidence to rock those short shorts without giving a damn what others think. For me, exercising makes me feel strong and confident. When you are fit, not only to you look fab but you feel fab too.



Get Your Tan On

Personally, I am a huge fan of self tanners. They can give you a nice little glow without the risk of skin damage that exposure to UV rays can cause. My personal favourite is the Jergens Natural Glow Dark. It’s easy to apply and gives your skin an even bronzing without making you appear orange. I use it to replace moisturizer leading up to the summer months. Although the sun's rays have not yet graced the city where I live, I can still put a little colour into my skin before the hot weather hits.  



Switch Up Your Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love shopping for new clothes? What better excuse to get yourself a new outfit than a new season? A great summer wardrobe needs just a few key pieces: a sundress, shorts, a jean jacket, and some easy-to-wear t-shirts and tanks. Because shorts don’t typically change styles a lot, I like to make sure I have a few pairs that I really love and feel good in, even if this means spending a little extra money. If you are like me and tend to turn over your summer t-shirts every year, then it’s a good idea to look at places like Gap or H&M for affordable fashion.



That’s it! My plan in a nutshell: get fit and feel fab; rejuvenate my skin and give it a healthy glow, and buy some cute clothes that make me look and feel great ! Let me know what your summer prep plan is in the comments! Happy summer!