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HC at UVic’s Professional Headshot Event: Everything You Need to Know

This past Friday, Her Campus at UVic held their second annual Professional Headshot Event. With over one hundred head shots taken, it was a huge success! Now that we’ve done this event twice, we’re finally starting to feel like we know what we’re doing. Here are some highlights from this years event:


Free Cupcakes!



For the two days before the event, HC at UVic set up a table in the quad and offered free cupcakes for everyone who passed by. We didn’t make anyone stick around and do anything to get one, but we had lots of fun telling students about the free headshots when they had the time to listen.


Bake Sale!



If you missed out on our adorable cupcakes beforehand, we had a bake sale by donation set up at the event. There was lots of delicious goodies, and all proceeds went to Village Enterprise, an organization that helps start up businesses in rural Africa. You can read more about them on their website to learn more about where the money goes and how they are helping people become more self-sustainable.


Great Snaps!


We took over 500 photos on Friday, and with professional cameras and lighting, they turned out great. These photos are perfect for your LinkedIN profile, resume, portfolio, or even your Facebook and Twitter profile if you are wanting to look more professional.


Allen From A&W?


Our event was so great, it even attracted Allen from the A&W commercials. He happened to be filming outside, and was nice enough to come see us and even take some shots himself.


If you’re sad you missed the event, don’t worry too much. We should be back around this time next year!

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