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Summer is ending, we’re all pouring our money into tuition and textbooks, and goshdarnit, I think we deserve a moment of wholesome comfort. To brighten your day as the days get dark, we’ve all chosen our favourite pet pictures to share with the world. 

  1.  Bellatrix Lecat

Unlike her nefarious namesake, Bella’s favourite things were sleeping, eating, chasing laser pointers, eating, and sleeping.

[Description of pictures top to bottom: Tubby cat sleeping in a basket; tubby cat sleeping curled up on the doormat; tubby cat sleeping on the headrest of a chair with her face pressed into the cushion.]

2. Malteser AKA Molly

Sweet as her name and always having just woken up from a nap, Malteser is a 12-year-old kitten that will yell until someone holds her up to a window or puts their forehead against hers. 

[Photo description: A fluffy grey cat tucked underneath a brown blanket. Her head is pressed up against a cushion, squishing the side of her face]

3. Tianna

Tianna is a 3-year-old rescue from Mexico. Her passions include protecting her family, eating popcorn, and playing with her favourite toy: an old pair of pants.  

[Photo description: A blonde and red terrier sits in front of a fireplace with her head cocked to the side, as if in conversation.]

4. Beezus  

Beezus, also known as Meine Malone, is 5 years old and loves food. She constantly lives in slow motion so it can be dull watching her, but her cuteness makes up for everything. She is a masterful bird watcher and an aspiring bird catcher. Loves any comfortable surface and a nice deep sleep. Also loves to sabotage Christmas.

[Photo description. First image: A chubby grey tabby cat sits under a Christmas tree surrounded by Christmas presents. Second Image: the same tabby cat sitting in the same spot with her head poking out of some red wrapping tissue.]

There you have it: HC UVic's Best Pets. Hopefully, your heart has been warmed and you’re all ready to get out there and face the rest of the week.

Make sure to comment pictures of your pets to keep the happiness going!

Emma is a first-year graduate student at the University of Victoria. She's a pop-culture-obsessed filmmaker and aspiring video game designer. When she isn't writing for Her Campus or burning her eyes from staring at a screenplay that just isn't working, she's probably at home playing video games, watching movies (it's technically homework, she's studying them) or mindlessly scrolling through her TikTok feed.
Ashlee is a third year Creative Writing student, originally from Calgary(ish). When not drowning in writing assignments, she can be found drinking coffee or complaining about needing coffee. Her other hobbies include using reading to procrastinate, spending too much money in bookstores and reorganizing her bookshelves.
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