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Five Lessons We Learned from NYFW

Five Lessons We Learned from NYFW

There are certain lessons university courses cannot teach us: how to ride a bike, email etiquette, and the rules of fashion. With that said, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is like the 6-hour peer tutoring you enrol in days before the exam you’re not prepared for. There’s so much to take in and not enough time. Some of those lessons make complete sense, like how every woman should own an LBD, or that Crocs should never make a fashion resurgence, ever. Other lessons are a little more surprising, but since we didn’t study for that exam (remember), we don’t have time to question the logic, so, we accept these lessons as fact.

Here are five of the more surprising fashion lessons we were taught this September at NYFW’s abundant display of street style.


1. Purple checks are neutrals now

Thank God, because I’m being inundated with grey plaid all over campus.


2. Your boyfriend’s dress shirt is now your dress

I’m on a strict budget, so this outfit solves a lot of my problems.


3. Iridescent pants is your winter statement piece

Are they an iridescent brown or green, or possibly even purple? It’s like you get three pants in one—score!


4. Green is the new black

My five-year-old self would have been all over this trend, but now . . .


5. You can wear your lunchbox as a purse

I knew I was being overcharged for purses! Finally, someone is talking some sense into the world. Drop your Chanel handbags, ladies, and skip on down to your local grocery store for a lunchbox makeover.


So, now that we’re all fashion experts, I expect to see you around campus in your iridescent pants, purple plaid and lunchbox purses. Happy shopping!


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Carly Grabher is in her fifth year of Creative Writing at The University of Victoria with a minor in Gender Studies. She is the Campus Correspondent of the UVic chapter and has been a contributing writer and editor with Her Campus for four years. In addition to writing articles, Carly formerly danced and worked at Canada's National Ballet School, redesigned the website for The University of Victoria Faculty Association, and worked as the communications and events assistant with UVic's Co-operative Education Program and Career Services.
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