Easy Hair Fixes I'm Obsessed With

I have never been someone to spend hours on end fussing over my hair. Part of that is thanks to my hair being naturally thick, so it usually looks pretty okay without much effort. However, I do occasionally have days on which my hair just won’t do what I want it to do. On these days, I have a few key go-to's to keep my look fresh. Here’s a list of my top five easy hairstyles I’m obsessed with for you lovelies.


1. The Meghan Markle Messy Bun (MMMB)

This look is my post-gym go-to 90% of the time. It’s probably one of the easiest looks to pull off and does a good job of hiding sweaty gym hair. The trick is to pull a few strands out of the bun to frame your face and give you that effortless look.


2. Pom-pom Toque


I am obsessed with pom-pom toques. I know I said the MMMB was my go-to post-gym look 90% of the time—well, I’d say this is my look the other 10% of the time. While it isn’t technically a hairstyle per se, a toque is a fashion-forward way to cover up any unruly gym hair. Plus, who isn’t in love with the massive pom-poms that are taking over the winter fashion world?



3. Half Ponytail


The half -ponytail: the quickest fix for any bad hair day. The best part about this look is that you never have to do it exactly the same way twice. By modifying the amount of hair you pull back from your face, you can achieve different style vibes; Pull back more hair from the sides for a more sporty look, or just tie up the very top layer with a scrunchy for a retro-inspired look. If you’re feeling ultra-hip, twist the ponytail into a bun and pin it to the top of your head.



4. Top Knot


The OG quick and easy hairstyle, this look is still going strong. With millions of Pinterest tutorials on how to get the cutest top knots, this look is essentially fool proof. I personally apply the same trick to my top knots as I do my low buns by pulling a few wispy strands out to frame the face. Some of my other favourite looks are wrapping a piece of hair around the elastic for an ultra chic no-show look.


5. Boxer Braids


I personally love the look of two neatly plaited braids. This look is great for slightly dirty hair as the braids will hold better. The tighter you can pull the braids, the longer they will last. I’ve even been known to sleep in my braids and wear them again the next day.


These are my current go-to hair fixes. I am no hair magician, nor do I have oodles of spare time to do my hair, so I promise that these looks can all be achieved in 15 minutes or less and take almost no skill. so happy styling!

Do you have a favourite hair look? Let us know by commenting or sending us a message.

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