Does She Have Good Style, Or Is It Her Stylist?

With Instagram bridging the gap between the fashion front row and everyday clothing consumers, fashion influencers have a larger presence in our lives. I follow everyone from Iris Apfel (97-year-old style icon) to Bay Garnett (Editor of British Vogue). However, I sometimes get confused with who styles themselves and who has a stylist. With a little investigative work, I’ve unravelled the mystery of which style influencers pick their own clothes, and which ones do not.


1. Iris Apfel

Who: 97-year-old New York style icon/interior designer/business woman

Quote: More is more and less is a bore.

Stylist: Herself! She knows fashion like the back of her hand and wouldn’t dare let someone else pick out her next eccentric row of chunky bracelets. Apfel can even be spotted on an episode of L.A. Frock Stars on the Smithsonian Channel shopping for her next vintage find.


2. Priyanka Chopra

Who: Bollywood and Hollywood actress/Former Miss World/Mrs. Nick Jonas

Quote: … Because every picture tells a story … look carefully … can u tell?

Stylist: Chopra supposedly has multiple stylists around the globe because she constantly travels for work. Among them is Mimi Cuttrell, who picked Chopra’s glimmering Dior gown for the royal wedding.


3. Leandra Medine Cohen

Who: Founder of Man Repeller (fashion blog)

Quote: Most people assume that my style is so outlandish and out there, but the reality is I like very classic pieces just rendered unusually.

Stylist: Herself! Only Miss Man Repeller could dress herself so boldly that man repelling fashion became its own category of style.


4. Blake Lively

Who: Actress (Mrs. Gossip Girl, to be exact)

Quote (in response to a fan telling her to fire her stylist): Thank you for the tips, sir. Alas, I've tried to fire @blakelively so many times. But that b*tch just keeps coming back. She won't leave me alone.

Stylist: Herself, obviously, as per that ruthless IG reply. Well done, Blake!


5. Georgina Chapman

Who: Co-founder and designer of haute couture fashion brand Marchesa

Quote: I think it’s important for whatever you are doing, even if it’s a collection, to seek outside advice. If your world becomes too insular, it limits your creativity.

Stylist: Herself! Miss Marchesa’s a busy woman with a company and two children, but she finds time to drape a striped blouse over her shoulder to create an unexpected, asymmetrical look.


6. Olivia Palermo

Who: New York socialite/businesswoman

Quote (on accessories and jewellery): I play around with it. I love to mix colours. I don’t have rules, like “you can’t wear silver and gold.” You can mix it.

Stylist: While Palermo has a hair stylist, she picks out her own wardrobe. Yep, that IG feed is her own creativity! That’s what I call talent.


7. Sarah Harris

Who: Deputy Editor and Fashion Features Director at British Vogue

Quote: I can’t deny that I like the rebelliousness of silver hair. I like that it’s nonconformist.

Stylist: Herself! She’s a self-proclaimed minimalist and, with her long silver hair, she’s a standout at fashion week.


8. Bay Garnett

Who: Stylist and Editor of British Vogue

Quote: I’ve never really been into trends. I’m driven by something kind’ve maybe a bit weird or maybe it’s… but it’s really specific. It’s really just something that I’m like… that’s good.

Stylist: Herself! Not only does she style her own thrift finds, but she’s also styled women like Kate Moss for her iconic banana shirt photoshoot that sparked a Celine banana-frenzy.


What I find interesting about these fashion icons is that how I as a consumer decide whether they are a fashion icon is not influenced by whether they style themselves, but the fashion industry cares if they do. Why? Because they want to find the source of talent for magazine cover shoots and brand campaigns. But, perhaps I’m wrong. Do you feel less in awe of an influencer’s style when you find out they don’t dress themselves? Comment below whether you care about fashion influencers having stylists!


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