Dipayan Nag: Volunteer Activist

Dipayan Nag is now in his second year of a BSc in Physics and in his short time at UVic has become an incredibly active member in a variety of organizations. He could be considered a volunteer enthusiast with his pursuit and commitment to volunteering in various different communities on campus.

Dipayan is involved in so many groups on campus he considered himself to “wear many hats”. He is part of the UVic Student Ambassadors whose “main goal is to promote a healthy and fun atmosphere on campus. We organise many events on campus to achieve our objective with the interest of the students in mind of course and we also help out with many events as and when required.” He is also a part of the Model United Nations Club where he severes as the Minister of Fundraising and Special Events.

“I believe that today’s youth needs to get more engaged in political decision making and Model UN is a great way to start. It really holds your hand and guides you through the process. In a MUN conference, you are assigned a country in a UN body and are expected to debate and negotiate on a set agenda or topic. It’s a great way to learn some very employable skills and life skills.”

He is also a part of Let’s Talk Science, which is an organization that focuses on the increase of science literacy in Canada. They do science demonstrations and panels that make it fun and interactive to learn more about different science fields. Lastly, he is a part of UMANG (Indian Students Association), as a director at large. “As beautiful as the intermix in of culture is, I do believe that preserving it to a certain degree of purity is important as it lets you see it in its truest form.”

What got you interested in your field/program/degree?

“I can remember though that since my early days. I was always fascinated with the Stars,  planets and curious about how things work. As I grew up and depended my understanding in the area; the more I learned, the more I found out I didn’t know and thus wanted to know more. Also, Astronomy is a great character building science. The vast distances that astronomers deal with makes you feel insignificant. It makes you want to cherish what you have and to celebrate the limited time you have on earth.”  

Any advice for people who are unsure what type of degree they want to pursue?

“I’d say, if you are unsure, you are going in the right direction. Test the waters! Take course you never imagined could become a part of your curriculum . In today’s world, knowledge in only one subject is not enough. To keep your head above the water, you have to become the jack of all trades so this is your perfect opportunity. Don’t miss it!”

Dipayan is a leader on campus, having interest in volunteering in various different aspects of campus life. His involvement in so many organizations has given variety and interest in all the different aspects of UVic Campus life. With so many opportunities on campus anyone can be this involved!