Creative Founder: Isabelle Fau


Isabelle Fau is the founder of the Makeup Artistry Club here at UVic. She’s created a community for UVic students to come together and to discuss and practise makeup without having to be professional makeup artists. You can find out more on Facebook, in the UVic Makeup Artistry Club. When it comes to trying out makeup for the first time, or pulling out your everyday you’ve been doing for years, Fau believes “if you think you look bomb, you look bomb”.


Isabelle is a first year English Major who describes herself as the typical English nerd. She loves reading and watching movies, as well as shopping and social media. Fau is the founder of MAC, the Makeup Artistry Club at UVic. Inspiration for this club came from her desire for a group of people to “fangirl over makeup with.” MAC aims to create a community on campus where anyone can come together and discuss makeup. “Loosely, the goal is to get better at doing makeup on other people.” Fau discusses how difficult it is to find opportunities to do makeup on other people unless you intend to study makeup artistry.


Her go-to look? “If I don’t have time to think about it, I fall back on a classic bronzey look. Bronze on my eyes, gold on everything – Velvet Teddy by Mac Cosmetics. Oh, and brows; brows every day. Brows fleeking every day.”


            MAC wants to promote all kinds of makeup styles. This ranges from big lashes and Kylie Jenner lips to special effects, stage makeup, and scars. All are welcome. Right now, the club is filled with a range of people, from those who have no experience to seasoned veterans, and Fau is excited for future expansion of this club. In her experience, it seems the UVic community was craving a club like this as students have been flocking to become a part of MAC. She states, that “the people who are going to become committed are the ones who care. The ones who are going to be coming to us are the people who really are interested in it.”


For beginners, Fau recommends just having fun and trying. She states, “it’s not as hard as it seems. It’s intimidating to a lot of people, but once you break it down, its fun. Just dabble; there will be moments [laughs], and there is totally a learning curve but its fun to learn and you shouldn’t be intimidated by it”.


HC: What are your holy-grail products, high end and drugstore?

High end:  MAC Lipsticks, just all of them

Drugstore: Milani lip liner, in shades all natural or spice



Join MAC's Facebook group if you are interested in becoming a part of this amazing community here on campus!