Courses You Wish You Were Taking

UVic has a very diverse course list with so many options. They have quirky and interesting options that will spruce up anyone’s timetable. These are some of the HC UVic Members favourite courses they’ve taken.

HC Member Liz recommends, hands down, one of the most popular courses at UVic. She says, “One of my favorites is Healthy Sexuality (HLTH 251) with Dr. Charlotte Reading! This is an incredibly informative course, as it definitely helps students to debunk different stereotypes and myths that exist and to explore your own sexuality. Dr. Reading is also an extremely engaging lecturer (I remember laughing at least three times a class, and that’s on the low end!) who was not only respectful and interested in our opinions and experiences but was only willing to disclose some of her own, making this a really powerful experience.”


HC Member Jessica says, “One of my favorite would be English 225 with Paul MacRae and that says something for me because I've always dreaded going to English classes. Paul is hilarious and very engaging when he lectures. His material is very useful and practical. I feel like I came out of that class with a lot of knowledge and preparation for my future and life in general. Hands down one of the most useful courses I've taken at Uvic.”

HC Member Jasmine preaches about her favourite course, she says, “My favourite class that I’ve taken at UVic is Motivation, Emotion and Well-Being (PSYC 385) with Frederick Grouzet. It gives you a perspective on your motivation and answers the most important question of your university life: “why do I procrastinate?”. Dr. Grouzet is very familiar with these topics with his research delving into some of the topics, and has engaging lectures with great humor. The material relevant and gives great insight to yourself, and I really enjoy the structure of the course as well. It’s almost a requirement for this class to watch the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out. This course is definitely a must take course for me.”

To find when the courses are offered, visit the academic calendar to see if these courses are for you!