Campus Cutie: Robert Munnich

NAME: Robert Munnich

YEAR: 2nd

MAJOR: Business

ACTIVITIES: Love playing sports & going out with friends

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single and on the prowl

If you had a super power what would it be?

To pause time. Is that a super power? The reason why I would do that is so I could cheat on every single test. I’d take someone else’s paper, copy everything down, and I’d get 100%!!

If you met yourself for the first time, what would your first impression be?

Wow this kid is obnoxious. This kid is too much. Wow. I never want to see this person again!

If you won the lottery, what would your next step be?

That’s a tough question. I would honestly live my everyday regular life, but I’d end up buying a range rover 'cause my dream is to make enough money in life so I can have a range rover. I’d buy myself a golf membership in Victoria and I’d also go to a club and make it rain- that’d be one of my dreams. After I do it I’ll quickly pick up my money and run away.

What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?

Oh God. I actually have a good one but I don’t know if I should say it or not... I’m a big fan of all those bachelor and bachelorette shows. The reason why is I find it absolutely hilarious how these people go on 4 fantasy dates and all of a sudden they say they’re falling in love- I think it’s hysterical. Also it’s really good watching good-looking people's drama.

If you were an animal what would you be?

Definitely be a grizzly bear or a bald eagle. I’d be a bald eagle because it’s arguably the most majestic bird in North America. When you’re soaring through the sky everyone is watching you. There’s also a bald eagle on my blanket in my room that I find majestic so I kinda like that. And I wanna be a Grizzly bear because they’re one of the most badass animals in the system.

What is your biggest turn-on?

I like someone who can make me laugh- laughing is huge for me. And a nice smile.

What’s your favourite holiday?

Christmas ‘cause I get to go home and see all my family! Get spoiled. Come back and show off my new clothes.

What’s a piece of advice you’d give your 12 year old self?

Don’t be so afraid to do things or talk to people. Be a little more outgoing and don’t be afraid to talk to new people.

Taylor Swift yay or nay?

OH YAY in capital letters. Hands down. (Old Taylor Swift). Her old songs are all so catchy. “Our Song” is probably one of my favourite songs of all time.

If you were stranded on an island, what movies would you bring?

I feel like I’d still need to be sane so I’d bring funny movies. I’d bring Airplane, the Naked Gun series, Step Brothers and Happy Gilmore

What are you being for Halloween?

It’s not official yet but I think I’m doing the greaser. Get a nice little leather jacket and the white tee…