Campus Cutie: Jordan Woollard



Meet Jordan Woollard! Jordan is a bright character full of hilarious stories. His interests include pizza and Netflix, so he’s basically your dream bff.


YEAR 3rd

MAJOR Business


ACTIVITIES Netflix and Chilling, Shopping



HC: What is your favourite spice?

OMG, I don’t know – cinnamon?

HC: Name your favourite card/board game.

Cards Against Humanity.

HC: What's your favourite classic ‘90s TV Show?

Friends; I feel like that’s a basic answer though.

HC: Who is your favourite Family Channel idol?

That’s So Raven,’s Raven, or Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. They are like my spirit animals.

HC: Cheese or Chocolate?


HC: Laptop or Phone?


HC: Pen or Paper?


HC: Zoo or mini-golf for a date?

Mini-golf, because its fun, interactive and competitive.

HC: What are you craving right now?


HC: Name a favourite course you’ve taken.

Marketing (COM 351).  It’s probably what I’m going to end up doing in the future and it's super interesting.

HC: What's a  major you think you could never do?

Something to do with math, like a math degree, or [becoming] a scientist. I don’t know (laughs).

HC: What's your dream city to live in?

Hong Kong, or Paris, or London. Hong Kong seems so global and different and fast paced. Major cities.

HC: What's your least favorite Christmas movie?

The one with the ice guy. Santa Clause 3.

HC: Describe your most disappointing Halloween costume.

I went as an ant. I was 12. My mom wouldn’t buy me new costumes, so I had to be creative (laughs).

HC: What size is your bed?

My queen.

HC: Use a drink to describe yourself.

Vodka Slime, because it’s my life. Well [it’s] this or shots.

HC: What's your fav song right now?

Sorry – Justin Bieber.