Body Positive Brands for Every Booty

Living in a world where the term “body positivity” can be both a dinner table conversation and an Instagram hashtag has us all BLESSED. The word wasn’t always so bright—slews of magazines telling you what fruit shape your body is and articles about how to lose 20 pounds in 20 days have been part of media for a long time. Luckily, some companies have caught on to the trend of celebrating each and every shape. Here are some brands I highly recommend checking out because we have all waited far too long to rock what our mommas gave us!

  1. 1. Girlfriend Collective

    Talk about some babes! Am I right? Of course I am. If you’re looking for some new workout gear, I suggest you head on over to Girlfriend Collective. They offer sizes XS–6XL, so they’ve got your booty covered. Even if you’re not in the market for a legging–sports bra combo that will slay at the gym, follow their Instagram for some serious body positive inspo! P.S. The fabric is made from recycled water bottles!

  2. 2. Ashley Nell Tipton

    Could this be cuter?! Ashley Nell Tipton gives me some serious summer vibes with the current line! They offer sizes 1X–5X, and the best part is that they have pictures on their website of a multiple models wearing different sizes. I don't have any personal experience with the brand, but a curvy queen recommended it for this article, and there was no way I was leaving it out!

  3. 3. Nettle’s Tale Swimwear

    Swim for one! Swim for all! These Vancouver-made suits come in sizes XS–1X, not to mention the most adorable styles and patterns! The brand’s Instagram is flooded with images of ladies in every beautiful shape and size, radiating with body confidence!

  4. 4. Aerie

    We all know it and we all love it—AERIE! The American Eagle spinoff brand that makes ladies swoon over bathing suits and comfy bras. The brand offers most of their items in the sizes XXS–XXL, bathing suits included—big titties rejoice! This is another Instagram I highly recommend following. It brings me so much joy to see all shapes and sizes strutting their stuff all over the web.

  5. 5. Big Bud Press

    HELLO SUNSHINE! Another outside recommendation coming at you hot! Made and designed in the USA, dependant on the item, this brand offers sizes XXXS–5XL. Better yet, the sizing is unisex—big heck yes for inclusivity. To be completely honest, the items are a bit of splurge, but no one else makes your grandma’s curtains look this hot—on everyone!

  6. 6. ModCloth

    Yes, looking that dang cute is that dang easy with ModCloth. Dependent on the item, sizes range from 00–28 or XXS–4X! This brand is great for those who love retro and quirky styles, but don't love the limited sizing that usually accompanies such aesthetic. They’ve got party dresses, swimwear, and, hell, they even have kitchen mugs!

  7. 7. Universal Standard

    This brand has RANGE! Universal Standard offers styles from 4XS–4XL and serves some business casual vibes. Not only do they have pieces that’ll make you stand out in the office, but the loungewear is to die for. Universal Standard preaches making the change you want to see in the world, and I’d say they’ve made a pretty damn good start!

Know of any other great body positive brands? Let us know!