The Best Study Tip for You, Based on Your Grey's Anatomy Fave

Midterms roll around, and if you’re anything like me, you fall down the Grey’s Anatomy rabbit hole once again. The melodrama, the early days of MerDer, the snark, the tears. It’s enough to distract anyone from their studies. 

What if there were a way to turn that binge into something productive?

Whether your fave is Dr. Model, Evil Spawn or 007; I’ve put together a list of tips to help you unlock your full potential! Study away and maybe one day you’ll be a badass surgeon too.

  1. 1. Meredith

    You’re well-loved, empathetic and incredibly capable. However, like this twisted sister, you sometimes look on the bleak side of things. Instead of embracing your inner dark and twisted side, think about the ‘growth mindset’. People with this mindset see weaknesses as things they can overcome, rather than fixed aspects of their personality.

    If you're a procrastinator, instead of fretting about that essay plan try free-writing. Grab a blank piece of paper and write down everything you know about your topic. Fill the page up with words, they don't have to be in order. Next, take a break, then revisit and start drawing arrows or circling key ideas. This will help you figure out what topics to make into the body paragraphs of your essay.

    Don’t know anything at all? Write out what you would like to know. Start with question words, like who-what-when-where-how, and go from there. When you look at the gaps in your knowledge, you can break it down into a research plan.

  2. 2. Cristina

    Like the fabulous Ms. Yang, you’re to-the-point, focused and scarily efficient- so much so that sometimes people compare you to a robot. Even with all the craziness surrounding you: divorce, plane crashes, best friends in crisis, you pull through and succeed.

    Sometimes you need to be reminded to flex your compassionate muscles and this includes self-compassion. Focus is great, but burnout can really derail your productivity. 

    Try scheduling a time of the week to take time off from studying (like Sunday afternoons). Order your favourite takeout (heaven knows you don’t cook), organize a home spa evening or take some time to dance it out. You can hit the books refreshed and ready to conquer that exam!

  3. 3. Izzy

    You never struggle to make friends. You light up every room you enter and people are naturally drawn to your positive and kind energy. However, sometimes your natural emotions get the better of you. Before you cut the LVAD wire, have a plan in place.

    When it comes to studying- think with your head, not your heart. Write down a list of three essential tasks that you want to complete at the start of each day. The list can be longer, but choose just three to make your top priorities. Start with the hardest one first; the task we least want to do is often the most necessary. Once you tackle whatever you’ve been avoiding, you’ll feel empowered and sail through the rest!

  4. 4. Karev

    He may seem like a bit of a jerk at first, but Karev has a heart of gold and abilities beyond his own belief. Take a leaf out of Karev’s book, and recognize that you’re better when you open up to friends and let others help you.

    Explaining your material to someone else can be a really effective way to learn. After reading each passage in your textbook, try to summarize the material for your mom, friend, sibling or even your dog!

    If you’re struggling to start a paper, call up a friend and talk through what you want to say. Don’t worry about being perfect, just expressing the idea out loud can make it more coherent.

    No one available? Record your voice on your phone explaining key concepts. Then listen back on your headphones on your way to the grocery store, the coffee shop or while walking your dog.

  5. 5. George

    Oh George, you joined the military and then (SPOILER), got hit by a bus? Dude, what?

    Like loyal and sweet George, sometimes others can become a distraction. Remember his HUGE crush on Meredith? We’ve all been there, but it’s time to stop checking the insta profile of that cute guy/gal in your class.

    If you’re struggling to focus, try to work in short increments and then give yourself a break. The Pomodoro method is based on doing 25 minutes of intense study, followed by 5-minute breaks. Apps like Forest are great for setting up a study timer and keeping you on track. 

    Search Youtube for ‘Study with Me’ videos and find a timing combo that works for you. (The Sherry Formula or The Strive Studies are great places to start.)

And finally — the most important tip of all — stop watching Grey’s and crack on with that paper! You can do it.