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The Best and Worst Places to find Vegan Food at UVic

In general, UVic is surprisingly accommodating for people with dietary restrictions. Here is a list of the best places to find great vegan food, and some of my recommendations for what to order!


1. The SUB (Student Union Building)

In the SUB, the obvious place to go if you are vegetarian or vegan is the Health Food Bar (HFB). They have wraps and bowls that are vegan friendly, as well as smoothies that have no dairy. They also usually have an awesome vegan special of the day, but make sure you get there before noon because they run out of it fast!

Another great place to go is Felicita’s, which is reasonably priced with great service and an incredibly diverse menu. Everything on their menu that is vegan is labelled, and they have so many options! It’s the best bar in Victoria for different dietary needs. The Grill is also in the SUB, and they often have vegan curry specials.


2. Mystic Market (University Centre)

Mystic Market has tons of great choices. At Tofinos, you can build your own pasta with tomato sauce and lots of veggies. At the new Fresco Taco Bar, they have bean burritos and an option to substitute vegan cheese.

My favourite place in Mystic Market is definitely Chopbox. Everything on their menu is vegan except the pad thai, and their curries are amazing!


3. Mac’s (McLaurin Building)

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, Mac’s is good place to go to build your own vegan salad, wrap or sandwich. For protein they have black beans and hummus, and some of their sauces are vegan.


4. Miscellaneous 

Unfortunately, most of the smaller snack places around campus are sorely lacking in vegan options. They all have milk substitutes for coffee, but not many snack options are vegan. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll get the veggie samosa with mango chutney or a veggie and hummus plate from Bibliocafe (McPherson Library) or the Arts Place (Fine Arts Building). Nibbles and Bytes (Engineering Lab Wing) and Scicafe (Bob Wright Building) are pretty much the worst places to go on campus if you are vegan. The best place to grab a coffee or tea and a treat is Finnerty Express at the bookstore. They have delicious vegan muffins and cookies.

Places in the SUB and Mystic Market are definitely my go to when I eat at school, but if you’re crafty you can find vegan food pretty much anywhere on campus. I wish you luck on your vegan adventures!


Disclaimer: not all vegan options are completely free from cross-contamination of non-vegan allergens, so make sure to ask if you have allergies!


Abby spontaneously moved to Victoria 2 years ago with her partner, her cat, and a full SUV. With no plan, no jobs and no place to live, they soon gained their footing in this wonderful city. Abby is in her first year at the University of Victoria, and is an aspiring Art and English teacher. As her goals suggest, she likes reading, drawing and painting. Abby is passionate about travel, environmental issues and veganism (but she's not annoying about it, promise!)
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