Ben Lukenchuk: UVic’s Renaissance Man

Talented. Passionate. Driven. Hardworking. Outgoing. These are just a few words that can describe our Campus Celebrity, Ben Lukenchuk. Not only does Ben possess and exemplify these qualities, he also has a great love of his school, urging him to be heavily involved and exercising his skills to give back to as many people in his community as he can. Ben’s passion allows him to enjoy everything he does, giving everyone he works with the chance to follow his lead and in his steps.

When it came to choosing a school, Ben was torn between the business program at UVic and the business and public administration program at Carlton. Luckily, he made the right choice! If conquering UVic was a quest given to every student at the beginning of their degree, Ben would certainly be on the way to victory. He is currently on the UVic Senate as the Student Rep for Faculty of Commerce, he was the captain of the debate team for JDC West and he is participating in a Model EU this month in Seattle. Not only does his involvement spread across UVic, Ben says his biggest passion is teaching, which is explored through his involvement on the committee of learning and teaching, as well as tutoring students in ECON 103. For Ben, teaching how to debate and focusing his energy on education and curriculum is an important part of his life, something that he hopes to continue in the future.

It’s not always work and no play for this guy, though. When Ben isn’t donating his time to his community, he likes to go jogging, watch West Wing, do a little reading, and sing in his Church’s choir. Oh, and not to mention his guilty pleasure: The Bachelor!

While the future looks bright for Ben, he has a few goals in mind. Above all, he wants to be involved in politics. However, because of his love for education, he would also love to be involved in teaching, as well as public policy and law. One thing is for sure: whatever Ben ends up doing, he will certainly be an asset to his community, as well as a role model for other students following him.