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Are Skinny Jeans Making a Comeback?

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Let’s talk: skinny jeans. You may remember them from the Gen Z vs. Millennial conflict on  Tiktok, or those dreaded denim “jeggings.” Arguably, skinny jeans were stigmatized on social media, but when you look at what people are wearing on campus, skinny jeans are a popular choice for running between classes and buildings. So, what’s changed? On here, we’re going to analyze the once-disregarded fit of choice and how the jean style is making a comeback.

If you remember TikTok posts from earlier this summer, the Gen Z vs. Millennial beef was in full swing. Many Gen-Zers were criticizing the side parts and skinny jeans the older generation was rocking. I feel that most college students are born in between these two generations, allowing us to just kick back, grab some popcorn and let the alteration provide great entertainment. 

In my humble opinion, jeggings are never coming back. The style that reigned in the early 2010s are being (literally and metaphorically) pushed to the back of the closet. In comparison, skinny jeans on the other hand have a timeless feel to them. The style of jeans currently flying off the shelves of Aritzia appears to be a slightly roomier fit, while maintaining the classic look of skinny jeans. I overall like to follow the 20-year comeback guideline frequently seen in fashion, but with this ever changing world, who says you’ll have to wait 20 years? The past two years have already felt like 10, who’s to say this change of pace won’t transition over into fashion trends?

Overall, while skinny jeans are a great choice for your fall wardrobe, the wide-leg, bootcut, and mom-jeans are providing some competition to the silhouette that reigned in the 2010s. Don’t donate your jeans from 2016 – they’re making a comeback, just wait.

Savannah is currently in her third year at Uvic, majoring in English and Business. When not swamped with studying, she can be found exploring downtown, drinking way to much coffee, reading, and enjoying the experiences UVic has to offer.
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