Advice We’d Give to Our Younger Selves

With the start of the new year comes a wave of self-reflection—reflection on not only who we want to be in the future, but who we were in the past. Short and sweet, here are a few tidbits of wisdom we wish we could have told our younger selves knowing all we do now.


Martha (23, pictured age 5)

“Be honest with yourself first.”


Lucy (20, pictured on the right, age 7)

“Just have fun in school. Don’t worry about the snakes because you’re an icon. Also, a boy is gonna ask you out in high school—say no.”


Ellen (23, pictured on the left, age 5)

“Stop trying to impress people who don’t matter. Oh, and your mom is always right.”


Tony (27, pictured age 12)

“My advice would just be a Gender 101 and an Intro to Transgender slideshow.”


Rachel (22, pictured age 6)

“The people that are willing to run from you aren’t the ones. Run from them first … run like the wind, kid. Also, get in trouble more often. Be loud and unashamed of your curiosity.”


Parus (21, pictured age N/A)

“Keep smiling, worry less.”


What would you tell your younger self? Let us know in the comments below!