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9 Types of Messages We Receive on Tinder

For this evening’s procrastination article, I present you with the Tindies. Awards given out to recognize the most original, most creative and most downright cringe-worthy messages to ever be sent and received on Tinder. The categories have been announced, the nominations have been sent, the ballots have been tallied, and the winners are……

The “I’m so punny”

We all know this person, the one that laughs their way into your DM’s with dad jokes and bad puns.

The “umm?”

Talking to a stranger can be hard, sometimes the only option is to just dive straight in and reveal your deepest darkest secrets. For example, “I decided to join the Navy while I was high on shrooms”

The typo uh-oh

Making a typo can lead to some serious confusion… and some serious judgment.

The “I think this is a compliment?”

Sometimes we just don’t know if you’re trying to be nice or mean or if it’s open to interpretation. For instance, being told, “Hey, you look like Sigourney Weaver in Alien!” Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We really don’t know.

The GIFY guy

When words fail these guys resort to GIFS to get their point across.

The Unintentionally Funny

Sometimes people are just funny, even when they aren’t necessarily trying to be.

 The way too DTF

These messages are direct and to the point but rarely achieve their goal of seducing someone. Examples Include: “Can I go down on you” and “Do you wanna be the thing my little package comes in?”

The “uh rude?!”

We’ve all heard the age-old saying “if a boy is mean to you that actually means he likes you.” We guess some guys still like to play by this rule. 

The “uh rude!?” meets the way too DTF

If he didn’t get you with his overly “eager” attitude or his backhanded compliment, maybe he can win your heart with a combination of the two?

This concludes this evening’s installment of the Tindies. Thank you for joining us this evening. Happy studies and happy swiping.

Kate is a linguistics major at the University of Victoria. Although she is only 22 years old, Kate is truly a granny at heart. She could not imagine a world in which sweaters, dogs, coffee, and brunch did not exist. In her spare time Kate likes to create inspirational quotes to live by. Her quote of the moment is "Life is a party and I have the streamers!"
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