8 Moments Any Third Wheel Will Relate To

Valentine’s Day always seems to target either a. happy couples in committed relationships or b. hopelessly romantic singles. But what about us happy single folk who, although single, are on the periphery of a relationship?

I’m talking about the perpetual third wheel. Maybe your best friend has been in a committed relationship since grade school and you’ve been front row at a live-action rom com for years. Or maybe your roommate always has their significant other over to yours and you’ve had to play your music a little too loudly a little too much. Whatever your third wheel situation is, I’m sure we can all relate to these 8 moments.


1. Crashing their romantic evening at home…. If they wanted privacy, they should have gone out.


2. Reminding them that *pick any significant event* is coming up and they need to buy a present. Someone’s got to keep the romance alive.


3. Helping them pick out each other’s presents, because let’s face it: you know each of them better than they know each other.


4. Awkwardly sneaking out of the room when you walk in on a heated conversation.


5. Awkwardly trying to pretend you don’t notice the PDA happening in front of you.


6. Wedging yourself between the two of them when watching Netflix.


7. When you think you’re having a conversation with both of them, but really, they’re just having a conversation with each other.


8. Sitting awkwardly in the row behind them on the bus.

Have a relatable third wheel moment? Let us know!