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7 Thoughts We All Have at the End of a School Year

The end of the year is an exciting and busy time. It can also come with a lot of bittersweet feelings. Here are some thoughts and feelings we’ve all experienced as the school year comes to a close.

Wait … isn’t it, like, October?

Time flies when you’re having fun … and when you’re constantly stressed out.

What am I doing with my life?

Realizing that you’re one year closer to graduating can sometimes trigger an existential crisis. It can also make you feel pressured to have everything figured out.


Once the term finally comes to an end, it feels like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders

What have I even been doing for eight months?

Sometimes you also start to wonder if you really made the most of your time over the last year.


We have all had that moment when the reality of final papers and exams really hits us and the only appropriate response is to start screaming internally (and maybe externally).

What am I supposed to do for four months?

The whole summer can seem like a long time, especially if you’re stuck working a boring retail job in your small hometown.


At the end of the day, we all live for the feeling of freedom that comes with stepping out of your last exam.

Congrats on making it through another year, everyone! You did it !

Ashlee is a third year Creative Writing student, originally from Calgary(ish). When not drowning in writing assignments, she can be found drinking coffee or complaining about needing coffee. Her other hobbies include using reading to procrastinate, spending too much money in bookstores and reorganizing her bookshelves.
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