6 Ways to Take Your Spring Cleaning to the Next Level

With the days getting longer and longer, and farther and father from our New Years resolutions, it feels about time to start getting ready for Spring. The sun is starting to shine a bit more, and it feels good to be able to open the windows and brush out the cobwebs. A good clean is great for your home, but there are other things you can do to keep things fresh as well. Here are six things you can do to spring clean your life!



1. Empty your purse.

If you’re anything like me, you might hoard all of your receipts and random slips of paper in your bag. You’d be surprised by how organized a quick clean out of your purse can make you feel. Dump everything out (especially the crumbs at the bottom), and only put back the things you know you’ll need and use. You can even switch your old bag out for a new one; bonus points if you pick a bright, fun colour for spring!


2. Have a spa day.

With midterms and finals going on, it’s easy to get behind on your hygiene routine. Take a day to pamper yourself; put on a hair mask, shave your legs, use a bath bomb. Your surroundings are going to feel a lot cleaner if you are.



3. Clean the unexpected.

If you’re doing the dishes, making your bed, and vacuuming, but still feel like your house isn’t as clean as you want it to be, it might be worth taking a closer look. Even if you just deep clean a few key items, your place will feel much fresher. Try washing your sheets, cleaning out your microwave, or dusting your blinds.


4. Clean from the inside.

If you’re feeling a little sluggish and tired, chances are you’re not getting enough water. Getting enough water can help relieve fatigue, help digestion, and flush out toxins. If you have trouble remembering to drink enough, there are lots of handy new apps to help remind you.



5. Reorganize.

The best way to freshen up a place is to move everything around. Moving all your furniture around gives you the chance to clean under the big things, avoid fading from the sun, and will probably get you to throw out more stuff you don’t need than you would otherwise.


6. Buy Something New.

Sometimes you can't save everything. If your duvet is looking a little ratty, or your dishes a little chipped, it might be worth the splurge to buy some new stuff. You'll enjoy having something new to liven up your space, and you'll proabbly take better care of it because it's so nice at the start.


What are you doing for spring cleaning this year? Let us know in the comments below!